What Is the Connection of Happiness

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What is happiness to you? Happiness is something most of us are searching for and don’t look deep enough to find. That feeling you get of satisfaction and enjoyment; peace of mind, kindness and love. What path do we follow to obtain happiness? To many, happiness is bonding. It is a relationship, a desire to connect souls with another.

Masami Sato asks and answers in her article, The Secret of Happiness is Bonding: “Why do we do something, anything in life as human beings? It is because we want to connect with others.

We make friends to build a relationship. We get married to establish a relationship in a deeper more permanent manner. ” In my opinion, autumn is a wonderful time of the year to connect with strangers, family and friends. It is a time of togetherness; a season of bonding.

The weather is usually soggy and cold; we, as humans, want to stay warm and dry. A venture into the elements are rare but can also be a time of bonding. Fall is when hunting season occurs and as a family with friends and sometimes strangers we set off to hunt for the food we put on the table for our families. As most people would not set out into the woods lone to go hunting; into the wilderness with wild animals and the danger of getting turned around and lost.

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When we go hunting, we gather together as part of a group to bond, and to form a deeper relationship. The winding bumpy ride to our destination proves to be one more advantage point to build a relationship. We are confined to the cabs of our trucks, sometimes for hours. These close quarters allow us to get to know each other even better. When we arrive at our final destination, making a camp is top priority. With the newly formed community coming together to work a team; a common kitchen is formed with ontributions of many.

This is the heart of the camp, the women cooking and making love with theirs hands while joyfully giving their goods to many. Music and laughter and the sound of fun and enjoyment resonate there in camp in the woods. Discussions of the next days hunt, jokes and hunting stories heard hundreds of times over. Before the children are tucked in, we all say our goodnights; it’s late and we need to get up early. Before dawn breaks we slowly open our eyes as the smell of bacon and coffee as it circles our heads. That smell alone can bring a smile to your face. It is ith joy you peel your tired body from the sleeping bag and rise into the freezing morning. It seems silly to be cheerful but we are gathering together soon to eat and set off on search for deer, elk and bear. Sato adds in her article, “Contentment is a state of emotion that all of us are yearning to be in. Each of us may define it differently. We may also value it differently. Each of us may be familiar with different levels of intensity of contentment. Still we definitely have something in common when contentment comes to us. And when we realize this secret about contentment, we hold the key to greater contentment, and to make those around us know the same feeling as well. ” Another great time of bonding during the autumn season is Thanksgiving. A fall festivity that brings happiness to many; forming deeper bonds with family and friends. Some people find great pleasure in serving people less fortunate than themselves. This small tasks brings forth smiles and gratitude and fulfillment. Some of us host the family dinner at our homes. So much love, dedication and joy goes into the labor of preparing this meal. The day starts early and sometimes, the day before as the baking and cooking get started.

Everyone from young to old is included in the peeling of the potatoes; washing and cubing the mound that is mashed with butter and milk to fill the bellies of those that create so much joy in our lives. The yams topped with marshmallows and caramelized for a yummy goodness Even the blessing said before the meal is said with a genuine love and filled with gratitude and happiness. Everyone is full; the board games and playing cards are brought out as the women clean after the meal. The television roars sounds of the game and the men screaming at their teams as they win or lose. The bonding experiences this holiday holds are so mmense. “What if the truth of our life’s purpose, and those of its happiness is simple as this? ” Sato wonders. What if it is really as uncomplicated as simply talking, sharing, loving? Sato states, “It is all about bonding. Relationship is everything. Everything depends on bonding. ” What if we could be guaranteed happiness by just being in open, honest relationships and letting the others go? Sato adds, “All things are part of some others. What if we choose to perceive the entire thing in reverse? When we do that we understand this simple truth: we cannot feel despondent when we are in a strong relationship.

It is simply not possible. ” Such an unimpressive answer for a very complex question. Sato continues,”Try to feel moody when we feel the security of our bonding to the people around us and laughing and enjoying with our whole heart. ” It seems out of the question to be unhappy if you have the security of love and contentment. “Even if we have our own fair share of difficulties in life, we would still be able to break into a laugh and enjoy and feel good when the bonds are strong. At the same time, we would be unable to enjoy things when those bonds are absent,” concludes Sato.

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What Is the Connection of Happiness
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