In the recent group activity, I was a member in a group of four. I had been absent from class when the groups were allocated and the two members present were given the task of choosing each of our roles. I felt they chose the more difficult roles for themselves, the introduction and conclusion, although I base that on the knowledge of my own strengths and weaknesses, with no knowledge of theirs. They assigned the work conflict to me, which I thought was a logical choice, given my occupation as a police officer.

I believe we worked well together, particularly as we had only very recently met and were four distinctly different personalities. We communicated using email, as we had a number of work and/or study commitments in the week the presentation was due, which prevented us from meeting in person. The group member who had offered to produce the PowerPoint presentation, had a last minute computer problem. I suggested we each write our own section for the PowerPoint and asked the introducing member if he minded putting it together.

He was happy with that and presented an easy to follow highlight of our talk.

I thought our presentation was relevant and the exercise was quite successful, given that we were only able to meet during the practicals. Our negotiation techniques were clearly identified and explained by our introducing member and our concluding member related them back specifically to the scenarios. The only area I can identify that may have made the exercise better, was if we had been able to meet as a group, prior to the presentation.

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That would have given us the opportunity to rehearse and make any changes that may have been needed. That is something I would put more effort into achieving in the future.

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