Godly Aspect

The following sample essay on “Godly Aspect”: relation between godly and biological aspects in Psalm 63.

Psalm 63: Prayer is the breath of our relationship of God. The absence of prayer shows that we are spiritually dead. I don’t mean just saying prayers that are not spawned from the heart, of course. Jesus said empty prayers amounted to only religious ceremony. One can dress up a dead body but there sure is a difference between that corpse and a living person even if he is sick.

What do you think of when prayer is mentioned? This is a good question.

Your answers reveal a lot about your relationship with God. Throughout Psalm 63 we will be able to make observations of this man’s prayer. I would suggest that David’s prayer life is an example of not just an okay or typical prayer life but a model from which we can learn. So stay with me. My hope and prayer is that you will not only begin to ‘breathe’ more on a regular basis but because of your spiritual life, have strength to run the race that God has set before you.

Biological aspect

The present theory dovetails nicely with certain biological observations. For example, the theory requires a simultaneous juxtaposition of two views in the mind for humor to be perceived. This makes the general cognitive point that only a relatively sophisticated mental apparatus, which can simultaneously entertain multiple views of a situation, is capable of perceiving humor. Certainly a mind that can entertain two views at once is more complex than one that can only entertain one interpretation at a time.

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This would seem to have some general relationship to the observation that only humans, chimpanzees, and possibly gorillas, orangutans, and even macaques laugh (Gruner, 1978:2-4), but that “lower” animals do not. Cognitive abilities of apes and monkeys exceed those of the lower animals; this general relationship is at least consistent with the theory’s requirement of a relatively complex mind. Chemical aspects Most chemicals arising in drinking-water are of health concern only after extended exposure of years, rather than months.

The principal exception is nitrate. Typically, changes in water quality occur progressively, except for those substances that are discharged or leach intermittently to flowing surface waters or groundwater supplies from, for example, contaminated landfill sites. In some cases, there are groups of chemicals that arise from related sources – for example, the DBPs – and it may not be necessary to set standards for all of the substances for which there are guideline values.

If chlorination is practised, the THMs, of which chloroform is the major component, are likely to be the main DBPs, together with the chlorinated acetic acids in some instances. In some cases, control of chloroform levels and, where appropriate, trichloroacetic acid levels will also provide an adequate measure of control over other chlorination by-products. Several of the inorganic elements for which guideline values have been recommended are recognized to be essential elements in human nutrition.

No attempt has been made here at this time to define a minimum desirable concentration of such substances in drinking-water. Fact sheets for individual chemical contaminants are provided in chapter 12. For those contaminants for which a guideline value has been established, the fact sheets include a brief toxicological overview of the chemical, the basis for guideline derivation, treatment achievability and analytical limit of detection. More detailed chemical reviews are available (http://www. who. int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/ guidelines/en/).

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Godly Aspect
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