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Give Children More Free Time Paper

For years, as access to the best education and jobs is becoming increasingly competitive, it is not uncommon for some people insist that children should spend more time on schoolwork rather than other activities, which may district their attention. However, to a large extent, I believe that giving these young students a moderate amount of free time is a necessity. There seems to be an agreement that children need to develop many life skills other than intellectual ones. Where are life skills?

Apparently, students cannot acquire those skills from textbooks while some extra-curricular activities can. Students can engage in all kinds of socially productive activities they like after school where they can communicate with their peers, share their experience and make new friends, which plays an essential role in expanding their vision and enriching their social experience and fulfilling their potential. Still, I truly believe spending time on sports and music is a sensitive option.

Could sports and music not only relieve young students’ overload academic pressure, but they would develop them physically and mentally as well. More importantly, allowing students sufficient free time can gives them more chances to seek assistance and acquire suggestions from parents, which avoids causing the generation gap at the same time. Overall, I tend to agree that students can profit from their free time. On the other hand, giving students an excessive amount of spare time may cause some problems such as falling in love, lingering on streets, and even juvenile crimes.

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For instance, some students may become addicted to computer games which may be very intense and rather violent and eventually lose interest in their studies or even have to quit school. Despite all these consideration, those problems still could be avoided as long as schools, teachers, and parents supply them with proper guidance and appropriate supervision. So my conclusion is that despite children should spend more time on schoolwork in the formative period, I would suggest that moderate free time is not unnecessary.

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