GCU's History & Christian Vision

GCU: History, Community, and Christian Perspectives
• Explain how GCU’s history and its Christian heritage inform its current vision, mission, and pillars.
• Identify and explain the various means by which GCU creates a sense of community within its ground and/or online modalities.
• Demonstrate how diversity at GCU affects the learning environment, in general, and the individual student, in particular. Module 7: Assignments An Overview of Grand Canyon University

This assignment gives you the opportunity to learn about how GCU’s history and Christian heritage blend to build a foundation that supports current university statements, how GCU builds a sense of community on the ground and online, and the importance of diversity in the GCU learning and work environment.

1) Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide. Refer back to Module 6 for all the resources you should gather to help you write this essay. ) This assignment uses a grading rubric that you can view at the assignment’s drop box.

3) Write an essay (500-700 words) that discusses GCU’s history and Christian heritage. Answer the following questions in your essay: a) Are current university statements, including GCU’s mission, vision, four pillars, and faith statement consistent with the foundation and traditions built by its history and Christian heritage? b) How do these statements correspond with your own set of values and traditions? ) Is there any dissonance, or conflict between your values and those of the university community, and if so, how do you reconcile them? d) Do you believe you “fit” in the diverse mosaic of GCU’s religious and ethnic culture? Explain why or why not.

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4) Submit the assignment to the Module 7 Turnitin drop box located under the Classroom tab. Follow the instructions and prompts found in the Turnitin box, and make sure to review the results.

What Is Gcu Style

As a guideline, 20% of the content of your paper can be from outside sources if properly cited, and 80% of the content should be original ideas and thoughts written by you. Please refer to the Classroom Policies or contact your instructor for more information about Turnitin requirements and expectations. 5) After submitting your paper to the Turnitin drop box, submit the assignment to your instructor by uploading it to the assignment’s drop box by the end of Module 7.

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GCU's History & Christian Vision
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