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Admittedly, it cannot be denied that a parent feeling responsibility for his child’s deeds is likely to pass the notion of such words as duty, honor, good, evil and explain that every action will result in specific consequences. The other side of a coin is, however, that nobody knows for sure if the perspective of being punished will cause the increase in parents’ awareness of their great role in bringing up a law-abiding person or will simply provoke the fear of being punished.

And it is well-known that actions did by a person whose main motivation is fear will inconceivably do a lot of harm.

For instance, the parents who are fearful of punishment could try to get rid of this feeling through violence towards their children, which will cause good neither for their descendants nor for society.

Another aspect we must bear in our mind is the age of children and the appropriateness of the punishment. It is obvious that there is no use in penalizing parents of the criminals who are over twenty-five. Moreover, the great majority of parents will certainly give themselves a severe punishment for fostering a person who can break a law.

It is my firm belief hat feeling of guilty and taking sore responsibility for their children’s illegal actions might be far stricter than any fine or restriction of freedom.

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To draw the conclusion, I must say that this statement is open to debate due to having lots of contradictory aspects within. Nevertheless, while making any Judgments concerning this issue one has to bear in mind all psychological and social consequences of each alternative. Work cannot be satisfying unless it is well-paid. Taking in account all economic and social changes in modern world that have taken place over the last decades, this statement gains great importance.

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A number of key issues arise from it and for this reason it seems to be a hot topic of debate nowadays. The first aspect which must be considered while thinking this statement over is a material one. Few people would dispute that being a healthy and wealthy person, who has confidence in the future, requires earning enough money. Undoubtedly, every person has one’s own conception of what high salary is, but still every country has its cost of living and being paid wage lower than minimum subsistence level turns person’s life into the process of survival.

In terms of these considerations, not achieving good payment for people’s work put the quality of their life in danger. The second point we must bear in mind is psychological importance of being well-paid. It is obviously true for the majority of people that being initiative, industrious and approachable at work is connected to earning enough money. Moral satisfaction with job and its financial aspect are two sides of the same coin. The notion of rewarding job means a Job that provides a person with possibility to make plans for the forthcoming future, feel importance in society and have a life of dignity.

All things considered, I tend to believe that badly-paid work brings no happiness in any person’s life and causes lots of psychological and financial problems. In connection with this, being satisfied with your Job is definitely related to getting high material appreciation of your work. Making money has become too important for people in our modern society. People’s attitude towards money has always been a topic of discussion since ancient times, although economic and social changes, which have taken place over last decades, made this statement sound even more significant.

The question about the importance of earning money for people of present times is very controversial and therefore needs precise/thorough consideration. One argument often given in support of the idea that making money is essential is that without having enough money a person stands no chance to buy things of immediate need, maintain healthy lifestyle and achieve set goals. It is undeniable that possessing money provides people with confidence in the foreseeable future not only for themselves but also for their children.

On the contrast, the process of making money requires a lot of person’s time, which results in problems with compromising it teen work and family. The loss of significant relationship with close people and beloved ones is likely to worsen the quality of anybody life and psychological statement regardless of bank account. Furthermore, we must not forget that pursuing the aim of making more and more money might lead a person to committing a crime. Nowadays it is common to see a man with few moral principles but lots of money on his bank account.

What makes this situation even worse is that modern teenagers tend to resemble those well-to-do criminals, perceiving their lifestyle as a model to follow. To draw the conclusion, I can assume that devoting our lives to the endless process of making money brings nothing but loneliness and limitedness into our lives. The main thing we must bear in our minds is that money is a good slave but a bad master. Family affair Have you ever thought how many different family structures and traditions can be found throughout the world?

Moreover, every century or even more often new model of family relationship appears. Yet every country has its own peculiarities of family functioning, which originate and follow from the history of the nation examined. My family represents a typical Slavic family, specifically the Eastern part of it. The brightest aspect of this family type is not tight bonds between both distant relatives and close ones. It is not a common to see families whose members get on like a house on fire in our area.

By contrast, almost every family is an embodiment of some kind of a battle, where you can find two or even more fighting sides, their opponents, supporters and uninvolved, strategies of embattling and disastrous effects. Unfortunately, my family relationships are not exclusion but rather a confirmation of he rule. Although I can’t say that we are constantly at war, but high tension is always there in the air. Having relatives of distinguished nationalities doesn’t help at all, because they live far away and play role of uninvolved sides of the battle.

Nevertheless, the most unpleasant thing is the understanding that our ancestors used to have extremely close relationship within their families. Being on good terms with relatives was seen as an essential aspect of happiness and goodness. And still in the Western and Centrals parts of my country closeness between family members s quite a common phenomenon. Being acquainted with such families and knowing of their existence make me Jealous of their ability to compromise and respect each other’s choice and individuality.

And I sincerely hope that in the course of time my family relationship will also be filled with Joy, support and understanding. But what I can do and whether I am ready to do anything is open to question. Must-read detectives Detectives present one of the richest parts of literary heritage collected by now. Nevertheless, hardly a month passes by without new detective story appearing on offer. In this review two books written by our contemporaries – Bernhard Schlock and Bernard Werner – will be compared.

It is not only their thematic content that makes Bernhard Clinks “Zeal’s Justice” and Bernard Wearer’s “The last secret” resemble one another, but also thorough investigation of humans psychology. Both of them provide a revealing and valuable insight into moral principles and prevailing aims of modern people. A remarkable similarity between these two books also lies in terms of memorable and extraordinary protagonists’ characters, compelling course of events ND thought-provoking plot. On the other hand, there is a world of difference between “Zeal’s Justice” and “The last secret”.

The former one is based on events that took place not long ago and can be regarded as more serious due to combination of psychological factors with economic and political aspects of modern society. The later one, on the contrary, is more action-packed and exhilarating owing to fabulous plot that reveals latent and usually unused potential of humans brain. Moreover, “Zeal’s Justice” unfavorable differs from “The last secret” in terms of fascination, but Bernard Wearer’s book is definitely less plausible that Bernhard Slinks one.

It is obvious, that two books examined below are worth being in the must-read list of every detectives-lover. But I would recommend not being put off by the genre and missing opportunity to immerse oneself in the gripping and unpredictable plot created by the outstanding authors. Fulfilling your ambitions At any time setting goals and struggling for their achievement has been an essential part of every person’s life. This existential need lies behind people’s desire for understanding all the negative and positive aspects of the searching for better life. Consequently, annually numerous films devoted to this topic appear on the screen.

In this review two of them, namely “The pursuit of happiness” and “Slumlord Millionaire”, will be compared. There is little to choose between them in terms of actor performance due to credible portrayal of a person encountering difficulties and posing challenges on the way to success, which was created by Will Smith in “The pursuit of happiness” and Deep Patella in “Slumlord Millionaire”. These are not only the performers of the main roles who make these films worthwhile watching, but all the sat, whose stunning acting can be undoubtedly called second to none.

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