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Essay for a study on high fantasy prone people Essay

When a police report is filed, a statement taken from a witness, or a video recording of an interrogation is made there is one thing we need from all of them. The truth is a vital part of our Judicial system. Sometimes the guilty go free, and sometimes the innocent get punished. If there was a way to cut back on an innocent person being found guilty, wouldn’t we want to help? This study research is to see if people who lie or tell the truth have a common area when they do it. It would be helpful to know if liars used fewer details, or if there was something that gave them away most of the mime.

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The cops, Judges, and lawyers would know what to look for in the statements and interviews they review. In the study they used criteria-based content analysis and linguistic inquiry and word count when examine statements. Are they accurate? Should we be relying on the information they supply? Are people who are high fantasy prone better at tricking the results to look like they are telling the truth? The expectation was that high fantasy prone people would have an ability to tell detailed stories and be rich in the characteristics of CAB and low for LAIC.

The studies could how that high fantasy people are better or worse at lying in their statements, which could make these methods of trying to figure out a truth from a lie inaccurate. This information could impact whether officials use the CAB or the LAIC methods. The study used college students who were in their first year of psychology, drama, or art. To figure out the participants to use, they had the students fill out a questionnaire on their fantasy levels. The students who scored really high and really low were chosen. The students who score high were the high fantasy students, and the low scoring students had a low level of fantasy.

It was 60 participants total for the study. 30 for the high fantasy consisted of 3 psychology students, 2 drama students, and 25 art students. The 30 for the low fantasy group consisted of 30 psychology students. There were 12 men and 18 women in the high fantasy group, and 18 men and 12 women in the low fantasy group. The mean age for the high fantasy group was 22. 5 and for the low group it was 21 . 1. The study consisted of all 60 students writing two stories. The stories had to be at least 400 words. One story had to be the truth and the other false. Both stories had to be about the subject being the victim of some vent.

They were looking for certain characteristics like certain words. The Judges were not informed of the fantasy status before Judging the stories. One of the results from the study show that people who have a high fantasy prone life are more likely to score higher on the CAB criteria. Based on their findings, the high fantasy group actually scored higher on the CAB method versus the truth tellers. The results on table 2 show the parameters for CAB. In reviewing the high fantasy group, there wasn’t much of a score difference in the true versus fabricated scores for the high antsy prone people.

The low fantasy group scored higher on the CAB test in the true column versus fabricated. For the LAIC parameters the high fantasy students’ scores varied based on the specific parameter. It wasn’t as cut and dry as the CAB. This was the same for the low fantasy group as well. The implications of this question out if the truth is being told instead of this method. For the CAB it is imperative that officials review the person and see where they are on a fantasy scale. The higher fantasy students scored better at lying than the low fantasy telling the truth.

This is o important to know because people could be wrongfully convicted based on a testimony of a witness. They can also use the knowledge to help with sexual assault cases where there is a question of truth. For the LAIC they found a few helpful things to know while reviewing someone’s results. For instance, high fantasy prone students were better at convincing you they were personally involved with something. In short this study will help tweak techniques to know the difference for high fantasy and how to make a baseline for truth which will help determine who is really truthful in an event.

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