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The following example essay on “Brandon Hirsch Feature Story” touches on a very acute and important problem in modern society – bullying and suicide among teenagers.

One brave teenager makes a stand for bullying but ends his life in doing so. 14-year-old Brandon Bitner committed suicide by jumping out in front of a southbound tractor-trailer on routes 11/15, hoping that it would leave an impact and that people will realize how much bullying truly affects people. Bitner, a freshman at Midd-West High School, left his house in Mount Pleasant Mills on November 5th and walked 13 miles until he reached the highway.

His parents contacted police when they found his suicide note that he had left behind, but they were too late. They noticed he was missing around 3:45 a. . The contents of the suicide note are still unknown.

“This situation is truly shocking to the school and community because of the student’s character,” said Midd-West Superintendent Wesley Knapp. “We are still trying to put the pieces together.

This student was wonderful, very bright and capable. We had no indication anything like this would happen. ” His death came just days after an anti-bullying assembly held at the high school, but the assembly was not held due to problems with bullying.

According to student Brianna Boyer, “After the assembly, no one took it seriously, and joked around about it. Former Midd-West student Erin Barnett also spoke out about this incident: “Bullying should be addressed in every school, and should have a punishment. ” Even though Bitners death was unexpected, bullying in his high school was very common but there was never a reported incident.

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“Anyone in our school who looks different is tortured,” said sophomore Emily Beall-Ellersieck. “Bullying is a problem at our school, and it needs to be dealt with. ” Takara Jo Folk, a close friend of Bitner’s, told the press that he killed himself strictly because of the bullying. “I do not appreciate… ids bullying others for their own gratification,” said Folk. “Because of bullying, one of my closest friends took his own life. ” Bullying may seem harmless at times, but it is nothing that should be ignored. There were no signs given off by Bitner that may have given people suspicion of what he was planning to do. He was described by a fellow student as “emo”.

His facebook page was full of references to the “darkness”, but he also had a lot to say about his love for music, and his violin. Brandon Bitner was a very talented individual. His peers described him as “extremely gifted”. He was also a very warm-hearted guy. He was so sweet,” said Kendra Lyons, of Middleburg. Whenever she had a problem, Bitner would always try to help her through it. He will be missed by many and the impact he left by doing this has been one that will never be forgotten.

Not very many people are brave enough to stand up for something in their life. Brandon Bitner was one of the few who actually took initiative to make a stand for something he had so much trouble with. This dramatic event has been heard across the country and the bravery of one teenager may have bettered the lives of millions. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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