Emami Naturally Fair Soap

Please tick the fairness products that are familiar to you: Fair and Lovely Fairness Cream| | Fair and Lovely Oil-Control | | Fairever | | Fairever Mantra | | Himalaya Fairness Cream| | Emami Naturally Fair| | Santoor Everyoung | | Skinfair by Ozone | | Garnier Light | | Vatika Fairness Pack| | Fair and Lovely Soap| | Fair Glow Fairness Soap| | 2. Do you think that advertising influence your purchase decisions? * Yes * No 3.After viewing a fair and lovely ads are you afraid of being rejected because of your skin shade? * Yes, I am always concern about my skin * Sometimes I get worried when am in public * Not at all * Neutral 4.

Do you think Fair & Lovely provides quality products to its customers? * Yes * Not sure * Neutral * No 5. How do you rate Fair & Lovely products? * Very good * Good * Average * Poor 6. Is it ethical to exploit cultural norms and value to promote a product? * Agree * Strongly Agree * Disagree * Strongly Disagree * Neutral 7.What is the most important thing for women to be considered as beautiful? * Fairness * Good presentation * Tall and good body shape * Good personality * Others 8.

Do you agree women with fairer skin get more advantage than those are not fair? * I Agree * I Disagree * Sometimes they miss use their beauty and get advantage * Every fairer skin girls are not the same 9. Do you think fair and lovely ads are hurting the self esteem of the girls? * Yes * No 10. Do you believe fair and lovely keep their promises that can make darker skin fairer? Yes, I have seen many people close to me * It doesn’t work for all type skin * It doesn’t work in me * No fairness cream keep their promises 11.

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Some of the ads they show were dark skin girls are being rejected in work place, which is insulting to working women. What is your opinion on this?

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