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What Factors Influence People to Change? Paper

The modern world we live in is constantly changing. The environment, economy and people are forever evolving. However, most human beings dislike change and despite the risk involved do not change until there are very few alternate options. Many factors can motivate a person to change. The type of people and the type of relationships a person may have with the people they surround themselves with can influence change.

The type of people a person surrounds himself with can influence their feelings towards change. This is so because if a person surrounds himself with high spirited people who are able to take control, lead, encourage and influence, that person should be motivated to change. This occurs because that person was able to stimulate a feeling of motivation and determination in the other. The relationships a person has with other people can also motivate them to change.

For example, if a mother encourages her son to alter his behavioral patterns he more than likely may choose to do so because he knows his mother has his best interest at heart and trusts her to what is best. However, the son may not be motivated to change if the same encouragement came from a classmate of his at school because he does not share the type of relationship both he and his mother do. No one can force anyone to change.

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In order for a person to change they must feel motivated to do so within themselves. A feeling of determination and drive to change must be aroused within them. As human being we often postpone change for as long a time period as possible because it involves uncertainty and venturing into the unknown can often be intimidating and strike up feelings of fear. In order to over come this fear certain factors must come into play.

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