Topic: As most people spend a major part of their adult life at word, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing. What factors contribute to job satisfaction? How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers? Since work constitutes an important part in people’s life, job satisfaction will, to a great extent, affects the degree of individual sense of happiness.

To the best of my knowledge, three major factors may be contributive to job satisfaction, including salary, working environment and company culture, and promotion possibilities.

The most obvious one is the salary, which guarantees our standard of material life and is the direct indicator of our own value. In other words, salary is the foundation of job satisfaction for the majority. Another important factor is the working environment and the company culture.

The soft power of the company begins to emerge as an increasingly essential element of employees’ job satisfaction. A positive working environment and company culture may help individuals adapt themselves to the job in the shortest time and generate a sense of belonging.

Apart from that, an individual be willing work in a company with loyalty provided that the company will offer abundant promotion possibilities. By contrast, the company can keep few employees with potentials provided that their prospect is not promising enough.

As for the job satisfaction for all workers, personally, I find it a lovely dream that remains to be realized. People tend to vary among themselves in terms of the standard and requirements of the concept of job satisfaction.

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However, to certain extent, it can be enhanced with appropriate measures. In sum, I hold the view that not everyone can achieve the job satisfaction. Whereas, the employment of the three above-mentioned factors in a sensible way will improve the situation.

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What Factors Contribute to Job Satisfaction?
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