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‘to What Extent Were Bismarck's Short-Term Solutions to German Diplomacy, Setting the Stage for Long Term Problems? Essay

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Otto Bismarck was the shining leader of the shining Germany during the years 1862-1890. At the time Germany was a new country where Bismarck was in charge for many things that happened inside and outside the country. He was responsible for unifying the country by using different policies. Bismarck was a conservative, which meant that he didn’t prefer changes and he felt like god made the system. As a leader Bismarck made clear that the goals of the state were more important then any other concern.

In spite of this the diplomacies he used were usually planned short-term wisely, which could cause a problem for long-term settings. His most important goals were going to war with other countries, keeping peace in Europe, and of course his smart politics had a major impact in the growth of German industry. The first thing that Bismarck wanted to do was to guarantee ultimate security to everyone in Europe. Germany was in a position where they were either going to fall or stand up and that is why it was vital not to have a 2-sided war.

Bismarck didn’t want to threat and/or threatened by neighbor countries and especially the big powers, which were France and Russia. Bismarck would always try to convince other countries not to attack each other or Germany. Bismarck tried to have security through Alliances like the Three Emperors League, The Congress of Berlin, Dual Alliance, The Three Emperors’ Alliance, The Triple Alliance, and The Second Mediterranean Agreement. Bismarck went to war with three different countries, which were Denmark, Austria, and France in only a time amount of eight years.

The motive behind this was that the German society could re-unite quicker. This way people would trust each other more and the victories would make the people love their countries, which would make the country one. There were other reasons as well for going to war. Bismarck’s aim was to isolate France so he could keep peace in Europe. Bismarck was afraid of a war between Austria-Hungary and Russia because France would support Russia and Bismarck would have to support Austria, which would cause a two-sided war.

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After the League of the Three Emperors had broken down Bismarck wanted to stay allies with Russia so he agreed on the Reinsurance Treaty, which was if one of the strong countries would go to war with another Great Power, the other would stay neutral, and would try to prevent the conflict getting bigger. Still miscalculations by Bismarck could be dangerous one day. From 1862 to 1890 there was a major growth in the German industry and economy because by the end of 1890 Germany had become one the three great economic powers in the world. They came up with their retirement age, which many countries later on took as an example.

Bismarck’s foreign policy and economic handling should be seen as a success because he kept France isolated, avoided was in Europe, and had a very fast growing economy. In conclusion, Bismarck’s short-term solutions didn’t cause any major problems in the long run. It was always unsafe but Bismarck’s intelligent diplomacy helped Germany reform. They may not have had the same success if Bismarck didn’t contribute. He did a lot of good calculations by using the right policies and to him the goals of the state were more important to anything else, which brought all the success to Germany.

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