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Example research essay topic: Ather Rye – 369 words Essay

Stradlater said, but I knew he probably
wouldn’t… “Ask her if she still keeps all her
kings in the back row.” “Okay,” Stradlater said,
but I knew he wouldn’t. (p.33-34) This is seen
again when he doesn’t trust Stradlater to stop his
advances of Jane in the case that she says no.
Holden gives up his faith in people to trust him
when he boards a bus holding a snowball. The
driver refuses to believe that Holden won’t throw
the snowball so he draws the conclusion that
“People never believe you.” (p.37). He is also
always placing labels upon people as being
“phonies” which gives the reader the idea that
Holden thinks that others are materialistic.
Holdens attempts to protect the innocence in the
world is another early sign of his deteriorating
state. When Holden goes to Pheobe’s school to
deliver his note he sees some swearing of the wall
which he says “drove me damn near crazy” (p.201).
He wipes the words from the wall in an attempt to
prevent the inevitable from occuring, leading the
reader to believe that he may experience some
mental unstability in the future.

Eventually he
comes to the realization that he can’t rub all the
profanity away himself. Another example of
Holden’s attempt to shelter innocence is the fact
that he never does call Jane, possibly for fear
that she will scar his memories of her as an
innocent child. The title of this novel presents
this theme to the reader in that Holden wants to
be “the catcher in the rye” (p. ) so he can catch
all of the children that sway to close to the edge
of a cliff in thier play. Perhaps the most obvious
example of foreshadowing in the novel occurs when
his parents come close to having him
“phsycoanalyzed and all” (p.39) when he breaks all
the windows in the garage. Throughout the novel he
refers to himself as “a madman” (p.79) which gives
the reader the idea that he sees himself as having
a sort of mental problem.

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These two peices of
evidence alone present a fairly firm idea of what
will happen to Holden towards the end of the
story. The Bibliography: klk klk.

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