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Euthanasia is never justified do you agree Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Ethics

The issue of Euthanasia is a moral issue, and as with all moral issues there are two sides to every story. Euthanasia is the ending of somebody’s life, generally as an attempt to end suffering. When it is discussed, people often mean Voluntary Euthanasia that is a form of aided suicide (which means someone performs the suicide for someone who is unable to.) Some people believe Euthanasia is a crime and is therefore not justified.These people believe that the act of Euthanasia is going against God’s will, and these people generally follow the bible, which also states this. 1 Corinthians 6:19 claims that our bodies are God’s temple, therefore meaning that the ending of a life means the damaging of a part of God. Also, Genesis 1:26-31 says that as God created the human race in his own image, then Euthanasia is clearly unnatural. Romans 14:8 says, “Whether we live or die, we belong to God” this is strictly against Euthanasia, because it means that once we kill someone we are violating God’s will. Finally however, there is one of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:73 which says, “you shall not murder”, and euthanasia is clearly a form of murder.But taking the issue away from church, there are many other reasons why people may believe Euthanasia is unjustified. One man refused treatment for his cancer, and he was literally days away from dying before the reality of the situation hit him and he changed his mind. Doctors were able to treat him and he survived, if it weren’t for this he wouldn’t be alive today.Then take the case of John Merchant for example. One man, completely paralysed, unable to talk, move, feed himself – his only communication is through the blinking of his eyes. Using codes, people have found out from him that he doesn’t want to die. However had an onlooker seen him, they may well have decided that his life wasn’t worth living and ended it for him. This brings about the question – when is life worth living?But in other cases, Euthanasia may be the kindest option. Take the case of Chrissie Darley Jones. A woman able to move and talk and yet many believe her life isn’t worth living (because she is 80% brain dead). Before she became brain dead she stated that she would want no medical intervention to keep her alive, however she is know having to be fed through a tube into her stomach. Doctors refuse to let her go. This is because there are times when a patient does not know what is best for them. We may think this is cruel, but as she is 80% brain dead, we have no way of knowing if she has changed her mind about life or if she is even happy, so doctors choose to keep her alive – as they choose life over death.In conclusion, after having considered both sides of the argument, I personally find it impossible to choose a side. I strongly agree with all the reasons for and against Euthanasia, and I have come to the conclusion that is always going to be an unsolved issue. For example, in some cases Euthanasia can quite easily be justified but in others I find it very hard to agree with, so a general allowance of Euthanasia seems unjust.

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