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The Odyssey Robert Fagles Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: The Odyssey

The Odyssey Epithet Chart for Major Characters/Gods and Goddesses As you read the Odyssey list all the epithets you find for the following characters. Cite Book and line number CharacterEpithet – Book and line # ____________________________________________________________ ____________ Odysseus: -“the man of twists and turns” (I. 1) -“Great Odysseus” (I. 228) -“King Odysseus” (I. 456) -“godlike man” (II. 261) -“Odysseus of Ithaca” (II. 277) -“Worldly Odysseus” (V. 237) -“Long-enduring Odysseus” (V. 538) -“Worldly-Wise” (VII. 200) -“Long-suffering great Odysseus” (VII. 10) -“Diplomatic” (VII. 346) -“Odysseus, raider of cities” (VIII. 3) -“Great teller of tales” (IX. 1) -“shining Odysseus” (XI. 230) -“Deft and tactful Odysseus” (XI. 404) Athena: -“sparkling-eyed” (I. 53) -“Eyes flashing bright” (I. 96) -“Pallas Athena” (I. 147) -“Athena’s sparkling eyes” (I. 182) -“Eyes-glinting” (I. 206) -“Clear-eyed goddess” (I. 255) -“Bright-eyed” (I. 367) -“Watchful” (I. 419) -“Daughter of Zeus” (II. 330) -“Flashing eyed” (II. 442) -“Flashing sea-gray eyes” (II. 476) -“Eyes Afire” (III. 261) -“Glistening Goddess” (IV. 428) “Queen Athena” (V. 121) –

“Bright-eyed Goddess Pallas” (V. 471) -“Bright-eyed one” (V. 481) -“Gleaming-eyed” (XI. 719) -“Queen of tactics” (XVI. 314) Zeus:-“Son of Cronus” (I. 54) -“Olympian Zeus” (II. 73) -“Zeus who marshals the thunderheads” (V. 5) -“Storming Zeus” (V. 116) -“Great Zeus” (VII. 278) -“The thunderer, Heras’ husband” (VIII. 523) -“Zeus of the thundercloud” (IX. 616) -“The thunder king” (XI. 494) -“God of guests” (XIV. 440) Poseidon: “Sea-lord” (I. 30) -“Earth-Shaker” (I. 81) -“Lord” (III. 48) -“God of the earthquake” (V. 309) “Lord of the Sea” (VI. 363) -“Sea-blue mane” (IX. 596) -“God who rocks the earth” (XI. 288) Hermes: – “Giant-killer” (I. 46) -“Giant killing guide” (V. 47) -“Mighty giant-killer” (V. 48) -“Running god of luck” (VII. 365) -“God of the golden wand” (X. 363) Telemachus: -“Young Telemachus” (I. 247) -“Poised Telemachus” (I. 397) -“Discreet Telemachus” (I. 423) -“Cool-headed” (I. 445) -“True son of Odysseus” (II. 2) -“High and Mighty Telemachus” (II. 91) -“Thoughtful” (II. 411) -“Wise Telemachus” (III. 273) -“Brave” (III. 481) -“Clear-sighted” (IV. 326)

Odyssey Character Chart

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Penelope:-“Icarius’ Daughter” (I. 379) Sunrise (Dawn): -“Young Dawn rose with her rose red fingers” (II. 1) -“The sun sprang up” (III. 1) -“Dawn with her rose red fingers” (III. 451) -“Dawn with her lovely locks” (V. 431) -“Dawn rose on her splendid throne” (VI. 53) -“Dawn rose on her golden throne” (X. 596) -“Dawn forever young has home” (XII. 3-4) Sunset (Dusk) The ocean or sea Nestor:-“Achaea’s pride and glory” (III. 86) -“The Noble Charioteer” (III. 113) Bonus: Calypso:-“the bewitching nymph” (I. 17) -“lustrous goddess” (V. 97) -“Daughter of Atlas” (VII. 83) -“Seductive nymph of lovely braids” (VII. 284) -“Lovely-haired Calypso” (VIII. 507) Polyphemus: -“Godlike” (I. 83) -“mighty” (IX. 119) Mentes: -“Lord of the Taphians” (I. 129) Menelaus:-“Red-haired” (I. 328) -“red-haired Warlord” (IV. 85) -“Son of Atreus” (IV. 355) -“Lord of the Warcry” (IV. 686) Aegyptius: -“Old-Lord” (II. 15) -“Old” (II. 41) Euramachus: -“Polybus’ son” (II. 198) Apollo:-“The Archer God” (VIII. 259) Mentor: -“Odysseus’ friend-in-arms” (II. 251) Ajax-“The great man of war” (III. 121) Helen: -“Pearl of Women” (IV. 342)

Achilles:-“Proud Achilles” (V. 343) Leucothea: -“daughter with lovely ankles” (V. 366) Nausithous:-“Godlike King” (VI. 8) -“Son of the earthquake god” (VII. 65) Nausicaa:-“White-armed” (VI. 112) Circe: -“The nymph with the lovely braids” (X. 241) -“The awesome nymph” (XI. 7) Eumaeus:-“Swineherd” (XIV. 502) Extras: -“Flowing haired Achaeans” (I. 106) -“Sandy Pylos”(I. 107) -“Bronze-Armored Achaeans” (I. 330) -“Holy Pylos” (II. 341) -“Noemen, Phronius’ generous son” (II. 426) -“breathtaking Hermione” (IV. 15) -“Faithful bard” (VIII. 73)

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