Ellen Ochoa: A Brief Introduction

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Ellen Ochoa Ellen Lauri Ochoa was born May 10, 1985 in L. A, California. Her parents are Joseph Ochoa and Rosanne Ochoa. Ellen Ochoa grew up in La, Mesa. When Ellen was a junior in high school her father left the family. Her mother struggled with 5 children alone. Her mother always helped her children to achieve. Her mother used to tell her to “Reach for the Stars”! In high school earned a reputation of being a great classical flutist and she was valedictorian of her graduating class of 1975!

After high school she attended San Diego State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1980(Before she was planning to study journalism but changed her mind into that she wanted to study physics).

She then received her masters in science degree and doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1981 and 1985. She later became a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories and NASA Ames research center.

Ochoa later selected into NASA’s space program then she was accepted in the July of 1991 and became the first Hispanic woman in space on the Discovery, on this 9-day mission the crew of Discovery conducted atmospheric and solar studies in order to better understand the effect of solar activity on the Earth’s climate and environment.

Ochoa is now married to Coe Fuller Miles which who she has 2 children with. She is now a retired astronaut and engineer and she is currently Deputy Director of the Johnson Space Center. She is a inspiration to many that you have to reach for what you want in life .

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Ellen Ochoa: A Brief Introduction
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