Describe The Potential Effects Of Discrimination

The potential effects of discrimination Describe the potential effects of discrimination Effects include isolation, possible exclusion, situations where self-esteem and confidence can be damaged. Forms of discrimination are gender, age, disability, sexuality, race, culture, religion ,poverty, education, personal features and English Is not first language. Discrimination against any child regardless of their needs can make them feel isolated and different to other children. Very often children with special needs have a very difficult time trying to fit in with other children especially if they are in a busy school.

All children can be mean to one another and not mean to. They should be helped to understand that everyone is different and how this is good. Explain to other children “we are alike but different. ”

There are four areas of potential for the effect discrimination has
• Physical- Signs of poor health may manifest. self harming, attempting suicide, cutting, etc. Bullying might become physical and other types of abuse this is more likely in older children.

• Emotional – Emotional signs are a little more harder to see as some children put on a front to avoid having to admit they are being discriminated against, old children may exclude themselves from the group being quiet and emotionally fragile. Social – lack of friends, social exclusion, older children not having no one to talk to about interests or plans for now and the future. Being treated as though someone doesn’t belong left out and not involved in tasks/games. Could lead to more emotional harm, physical harm, intellectual harm, etc.

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• Intellectual – Not wanting to learn, withdrawing from places of learning, avoiding school/ missing classes . Not wanting to be around others

What Are The Possible Effects Of Discrimination

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Describe The Potential Effects Of Discrimination
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