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Dulux is the top brand of good quality paint offering “do it yourself” users to achieve lasting good looks. Dulux products are vary from country to country, as they are tailor made to meet the needs of local people. Dulux paint main aim is to help the people to create a decorative environment with confidence.

Dulux is the largest paint suppliers with 130 outlets. Task 1 Marketing Audit: Marketing Audit is a systematic independent and periodic analysis of a company (Business units), its an essential part of planning process in every organization with a view to determine problem and recommending plan to improve company’s marketing performance”. MARKET STRUCTURE: Market structure consists of four broad categories, on the basis of competitors size and number in the market. Those are monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition and perfect competition.

As from the above graph it is clear that the market structure of UK cereal is oligopoly, because its HHI comes around 2000. arious promotional efforts. (Pride and Ferrell, 1987) Dulux trade needs to segment their market and focus more on its most important “Retail segment” therefore in this market ICI Dulux will need to increase its sales in volume by various promotional efforts. Due to constantly marketing environment, the marketing audit should be used as a reference tool, with constant updates highlighting changes in the external environment and the internal business experience.

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There is an important tool when we conduct a marketing audit which allows marketing manager to make necessary action with opportunities and threats i. e SWOT for internal and external environment and PEST FIVE FORCES for external environment only. SWOT is a best known tool within marketing planning process to indentify the strength, weakness, Threats and oppurtunites . SWOT ANALYSIS OF DULUX PAINTS:- STRENGTH:- Dulux paints is the U. K’s leading paint supplier having 130 outlets in the U. K . DULUX LAUNCHED DECORATIVE PAINTS GOOD BRAND IMAGES

Swot Analysis Of Dulux Paints

GOOD RELATION WITH SUPPLIERS AND DEALERS GOOD PACKING AND ADVERTISING APPEAL WEAKNESS:- There is low level of awareness of Dulux paints , its due to the lack of promotions. SALES OF DULUX GO DOWN BECAUSE OF COMPETITION OPPORTUNITIES:- Distribution is wide like Builders, merchants and retailers also have wide range of outlets in the UNITED KINGDOM. INCREASING POPULARITY OF DECORATIVE PAINTS THREATS:- Low price of same products from competitors ,increased competition from smaller and larger paint producers. ECONOMIC DEPRESSION IN THE MARKET

TASK 2 MARKETING SEGMENTATION: Marketing segments are a group of customers who share characteristics and needs enough to distinguish them from other customers. Each marketing segments differs from second one in terms of its response to marketing mix offers. The different marketing segments that Dulux trade paint should focus on following segments: e 1) Contractors/Builders: These are those individuals who are concerned for the construction of building and other real estate properties in which colour paints are used on a large scale. THEY HAVE A CLOS ECONTACT WITH SCHOOLS,COLLEGES,GOVERMMENT INSTITUTIONS ETC. CONTRACTORS PROMOTE A PRODUCT WHICH HAVE GOOD QUALITY AND REASONABLE RATE. THEY BUY PRODUCT AT HUGE QUANTITY. IF DULUX HAVE DEAL WITH CONTRACTORS IT WILL INCREASE THEIR SALES 2) Architects: Architects are a core part of such a market segment who influence purchasing behaviour of final consumers in the markets. Thus influence the demand of paint products in the trade market. ARCHITECTS ARE QUALITY ORIENTED. SO THEY ALWAYS LOOK UPON GOOD GOOD QUALITY PAINTS .

THEY ARE PERSON WHO SELECTING THE PAINT SO DULUX MUST TARGET THIS SEGMENT 3) Interior designer: Considered in the interior decoration of the building . Once they design the entire project they can also influence their choice of colour paint which is the most significant part of interior designing. Branding Principles : Branding refers to brand name to particular product of a particular organization that such a product is produced by organistion if the brand name of company is strong it means it fully meets the expectations of customers.

Being a chemical industry it deals with health and safety procedures which is responsible for environmental care and ICI DULUX is already the leader in health and safety regrlatons in Europe. With regards to environmental performance it is very tought deal with health and safety procedures so KPI’s are set for Dulux paints, which enables Dulux paints to enchance products with the environmental improvements firms have four branding options to introduce a new product.

They are as follows: * BRAND EXTENSION: An extablished brand is using by a firm to introduce a new product and that product is called brand extension. (Kotler and Keller, 2009) * LINE EXTENSION: It is defined as introducing a new product by the parent brand within the current product category like producing new flavours, forms, colours, ingredients, package size and so on. ( Kotler and Keller, 2009) * MULTI BRAND: Multi brand is defined as the situation when a seller introduces two or more brands in an existing product.

This strategy is called multi brand. (Kotler and Keller,2008) * NEW BRAND: As the name implies, new brand strategy may be defined as launching a new brand name by a company. This can be in terms of diversifying their products and facing a new product category. ( kotler et al, 2008) POSITIONING STRATEGY: The term positioning is defined as a place to the product which it occupies in the minds of customers relative to a set of criteria which the customers uses to differentiate it from the products of its competitors. (Stevens,Wrenn and Loudon,2005)

Its strategy is to translate its world leadership in market share and sales volume to a superior financial performance compared to its main competitors. This should further secure ICI Paint’s future. Company which has a lot of other business under one umbrella has not really paid much attention in positioning its decorative paints range of products. 1) Position strategy for the market segement “contractors” on the basis of price. 2) Positioning strategy for the market segment “architects” on the basis of product attributes. ) Position strategy for the market segment “interior designer on the basis of brand name.

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