Drug Abuse Essay Example

Table of contents Introduction and purpose of research Literature review Data collection sources Presentation, discussion and analysis of data Conclusion, limitations and recommendations Bibliography Appendices Introduction and purpose of research Drug abuse is a very prevalent and widespread problem in Trinidad and Tobago. It is the cause of many illegal activities in the country. This study is geared towards finding the causes and effects of drug abuse in teenagers in Rio Claro.

The purpose of this study is to determine the causes and effects of drug abuse in Rio Claro.

In this project the following research questions would be asked: 1. What is drug abuse? 2. What are the causes and effects of drug abuse? 3. What are the strategies that could be implemented to curb drug abuse? This topic was chosen because the prevalence of drug abuse in my community is very high and it is of my special interest because I would like to explore and understand the topic more. I am currently studying sciences at school and it is my hope that studying this topic would further educate me about drug abuse as I would like to peruse a career in pharmacy.

Example Of Caribbean Studies Internal Assessment

After this study is completed it is my hope that the research can be used to benefit the members of my community and other researchers to help prevent drug abuse. Some of the terms used in this research project are: 1. Drug abuse- substance abuse  use of a substance that modifies mood or behavior in a manner characterized by a maladaptive pattern of use.

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2. 3. Literature review Drug abuse is th Data collection sources Primary data was obtained from the questionnaire. The process of distributing this questionnaire was done by simple random sampling. 00 % of the questionnaires were given to people that were teenagers on Saturday 10th December 2012 at the Rio Claro community centre. The questionnaire was an excellent means of obtaining data as the data collected was first hand and there was no third party handling the data so there was less room for tampering. The disadvantages of using this were that people may be dishonest and some may not return questionnaire. Thirty people were asked to answer a questionnaire that consisted of 17 questions and thirty questionnaires were obtained at the end of the research. All the data was quantative.

Secondary data was obtained via the internet, newspaper and books. The information obtained from the internet was used to obtain background information about the topic and to further answer the research question. Books were used to get proper definitions and to get the biological perspective of drug abuse. The data was helpful at it helped me to better understand the topic of drug abuse. Both sources contributed to a better understanding of the topic as knowledge was gained about the problem from both sources. Presentation, interpretation and discussion of findings 1. Do you go to church/mosque/temple? Often O Sometimes O Not at all O

Graph 2 showing types of families that the candidates lived in The graph above shows the types of families that the candidates live in. more than half the candidates lived in single parent families, Graph 3 showing weather candidates go to church/mosque/temple Conclusion, limitations and recommendations Appendix 1 Questionnaire A pleasant good day. My name is Shenell Lal and I go to cowen Hamilton secondary school. For my Caribbean studies internal assessment I am studying drug abuse and its causes and effects in my community of Rio Claro. Your participation in answering the following questionnaire is greatly appreciated.

The information collected is strictly confidential. Thank you in advance. Please tick the appropriate boxes and answer in the spaces provided. 1. How old are you? 10- 15 O 16-23 O 2. Gender: Male O female O 3. Religion : Hindu O other O Muslim O Christian O 4. What type of family do you live in? Single parent O Nuclear O Extended O Other O 5. Do you go to church/mosque/temple? Often O Sometimes O Not at all O 6. To what ethnic group do you belong? African descent O

Indian descent O Chinese descent O Mixed descent O 7. Do you participate in community activities? Yes O no O If yes please state what 8. Do you play sports/ musical instruments? Yes O no O If yes please state what 9. Do you think that the lack of an education can be one of the major causes of drug abuse? Yes O No O 10. Do you think that the schools, youth groups, clubs….. tc, is making a positive impact in trying to stop the levels of drug abuse? SCHOOLS – Yes: very much O Little O No, none at all O Yes: much O Very little O YOUTH GROUPS – Yes: very much O Little O No, none at all O Yes: much O Very little O CLUBS – Yes: very much O Little O No, none at all O Yes: much O Very little O 11. What do you think are the level of which drugs are used in your village?

Low O Medium O High O None at all O 12. How effective are the police in dealing with drugs in your village? Very much O Much O Little O Very little O 13. What age group uses drugs the most in your village? 14 – 25 O 26 – 35 O 36 – 45 O 46+ O 14. Which one of the following would you say can be the main cause of drug abuse in your village? Peer Pressure from friends O Poverty O Parents not setting good examples O Lack of a proper education O 15.

In your village please state in a percentage how many of the youths you think are affected by drugs compared to those who are not? 5 – 24% O 25 – 50% O 51 – 75% O 75 – 100% O 16. How does drug abuse affect the youths of your district in terms of causing fights and gang warfare? Yes: Badly O Very bad O No: Not really O Not at all O 17. Have you ever used drugs? Yes O No O BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. http://medical-dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/drug+abuse 2.

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