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Dreams and Nurses Essay

Life has always been about making choices taking chances. The choices we stumble upon sin our lives usually determine who and what we will become in the future. For one, I have always believed that each and every one of us has the capacity to make a difference in the lives of others. I have set my mind in the fact that I will be working in the health care team. For this, I have decided to pursue a career in Nursing.As I child, I have always been interested in being a member of the health care team. I would watch medically related shows, and mock the characters while performing procedures. These little acts made me more determined than ever to succeed in my endeavor. The population of students taking up Nursing is relatively high, but reasons for application are way beyond the financial stability the profession can give me.As mentioned earlier, I have always wanted to be a part of the Health care team. I studied hard, and eventually soared my way to medical school. It was in medical school that I felt the urge to become a Nurse. From the exposures we had in hospitals, I learned to enjoy the interaction nurses had with patients. Doctors, too, have their own physician- patient relationship, but this was only limited. As a nurse, I would be able to monitor the changes in the health of the patient. In this regard, I would be able to practice and apply the basic knowledge that I have acquired while in school.Furthermore, being a nurse would also be an opportunity for me to make a difference. Armed with my knowledge of the profession, I would be able to help improve the lives of people. The care and support that I would give them would also help change the lives of others. I believe that having the capacity to change the lives of others is the best contribution I can give to my patients as a nurse.My main goal in life is to become a Nurse practitioner. The financial stability and pride that the profession would shower me with only comes next to my passion and dedication in helping others. I know that being able to express my thoughts and emotions about my intention to join the Nursing profession is not enough for me to be guaranteed a slot. All I can guarantee is my dedication and love for the profession in helping others and changing lives. 

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