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Discuss the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today Essay

“Healing miracles do not happen today.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.B)The healing miracles of Jesus are the most important miracles he did. This is because they happened to ordinary, everyday people such as the woman with hemorrhages and also to wealthier people such as the Centurion’s servant.These healing miracles are important as they teach Christians how to go about their lives today. When Christians read about these miracles in the Bible they see God’s power and this strengthens their faith. Today’s Christians are then urged to go out and evangelize the word of God. This could be done by perhaps going on a mission trip with a church or charity to a poorer, needy country such as Taiwan where there is very little Christian worship and most people take a choice out of the world’s religions to suit their needs.When Christians read the healing miracles of Jesus they recognize God’s power and they desire to seek a more active faith. The miracles do not produce faith but they develop existing faith. A Christian may actively seek salvation which can be found by using the words in the Bible or in prayerAlso when Christians recognize God’s power they may seek wholeness of body, mind and soul, which is required to get into heaven by all Christians.When Christians read about Jesus’ healing miracles they want to do as Jesus did and help others around them in need. They may feel that they should do charity work in their free time maybe at Scope or in a hospital. This way they can get close to the needy and help them. Taking this further they could donate money to charities already set up helping children in Africa or animals such as OXFAM or the RSPCA. Expanding this point, Christians today could look to set up their own charities such as Dr Barnado did to help homeless childrenFinally, a devoted Christian, who maybe or may not be ill, could read about Jesus’s healing miracles, especially the passage, “Crowds came in from the villages around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those possessed by evil spirits and they were all healed,” and they could look to go on a pilgrimage, perhaps to Lourdes. The healing miracles of Jesus, give Christians today the belief that they can be healed so they may go to Lourdes, where there is holy water which is said to have been where a miracle took place.C)”Healing miracles do not happen today”Healing miracles do not happen today. This is because no one has been cured of leprosy or had a demon cast out of them. People today do not get cured without medical attention so it is the medicine that cures people not miracles.Also healing miracles do not happen today because Jesus performed the healing miracles and Jesus isn’t around today so no one can be cured of a demon or leprosy.However healing miracles do happen today because people are cured in churches. There are healing crusades in churches or stadiums where people gather to cure people with the power of God inside them and many people have testified to this.If your definition of a miracle is something unable to be performed by a human then people who are cured of cancer are due to miracles, because there is no cure for cancer but people are still cured. Or people who have been given terminal disease and are only given months to live but are still living today are miracles also.Jesus doesn’t have to be around for miracles to occur. So the Holy Spirit could be within someone and this is what cures them so it’s not only Jesus who could perform miracles.Overall, I feel that healing miracles do not happen today, as you do not see people cured of demons nowadays and I feel that people who are cured of cancer are just stronger people with perhaps stronger immunity to the diseases. However, the reasons against seem to suggest that people receive miracles today.

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