Jobs for People With Disabilities

The following example essay on “Jobs for people with disabilities” addresses the issue of discrimination against people with disabilities in employment.

In today’s setting where competition in business is high, it is not only the ordinary people who find difficulties in doing their job. Many of our disabled people are also victims of loosing their work because of their limits in competence and skills. This paper aims to identify the limitations of disabled people, the reasons why they fail their jobs and the things that we can do to help them regain their self confidence in work.

Disability is a lack of ability relative to a personal or group standard or norm. In reality there is often simply a spectrum of ability. Disability may involve physical impairment such as sensory impairment, cognitive or intellectual impairment, mental disorder (also known as psychiatric or psychosocial disability), or various types of chronic disease. A disability may occur during a person’s lifetime or may be present from birth.

(Wikipedia, 2009) Their difference from the normal people in different ways gives them the difficulties to perform their work in as much as they want to do their jobs.

Some individuals are having some difficulties on performing a certain task that is given to them. It may be due to their physical or mental disability. People that are born with sight problems might have difficulty in some office work because they might have a hard time understanding the documents that are entrusted to them. Others might have mental illness that could make their work unstable if they lost their attention on what they are doing.

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Today, more companies and manufacturers prefer computer literate applicants or people that have knowledge or background on handling computerized devices or equipments. As we all know, not all of them have the capability of handling these things. Mainly because they are not computer literate and in most cases, there are the majority of other older applicants who are seeking for a new and better job. Although they have their own skills and talents, their inability in handling such equipments makes them incapable on performing their specific tasks making them loose their self confidence that would make them fail their job.

Let’s face it, not all individuals could take the pressure of handling their job and the environment that surrounds them. We all know that there is a big chance that people with disabilities to be very sensitive. Some workers prefer to work alone since they are having difficulties in handling their co-workers or their boss. There will always be peer and social pressures that would make them feel uncomfortable.

These factors affect their job performance. Individuals that have social skill issues will have difficulty in performing a team effort job and not only it could affect his/her performance but it will also affect the whole company as well.

Vocational skills are very important because this will not only make ourselves qualified but also it will give us advantage in many ways. Individuals that have inadequate vocational skills will have difficulty in performing their task especially when it requires a certain skill that only a trained individual can handle.

With the four issues affecting the job performance of an individual, I personally think that the lack of job responsibility and social skills could affect a person with disability. Most people with disabilities thinks that they are totally incapable or they just simply can’t do the task at hand. Some individuals with disabilities simply don’t have enough courage or self confidence to stand out and do the tasks that are given to them. They often think that people around them thinks that they are not capable of performing the task and they would only slow the overall job performance.

However, a person with perseverance to do everything through his ability would still be able to adjust and do the job. Instead of underestimating, disabled people should be even more active in discovering more about the things that they can do for their work. I believe that everyone should be a survivor. Disabled or not, we all should always look for a room for improvement.


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