A Brief Description of the Main Elements of the Lesson

The lesson plan is a brief description of the lesson, indicating its subject matter, goals, progress and possible forms of pedagogical control. The lesson plan is drawn up by the teacher in advance of the lesson and can be checked by representatives of the administration of the educational institution (director or his deputy for academic work) both immediately after the end or before the start of the lesson, and in advance.

In some educational institutions, there is a practice of drawing up plans for the classes conducted by the teacher for a certain period in advance (for example, for the next semester).

This allows the administration and methodologists to identify vulnerabilities in the educational process in advance and point them out to the teacher so that he can work to eliminate them and, thereby, change the structure of the lesson. True, we note that in any educational institution there is a work program, and at school a special calendar plan is drawn up, i.

e. a kind of “schedule”, which specifies in detail when, on what topic and in what quantity lessons on this subject will be held.

However, any teacher encounters the concept of “lesson plan” for the first time at a university, studying such disciplines as “General Pedagogy” and “Teaching Methods” (in the latter case, we are talking about teaching a specific subject, for example, English, and the structure, goals and the nature of the control over the formation of skills and abilities may vary). The lesson plan, in particular, should be written by each student trainee in teaching and state practice; The lesson plan is often one of the components of coursework, final qualifying work, and even dissertations in the field of pedagogy and teaching methods.

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A Brief Description of the Main Elements of the Lesson
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