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Descartes Ontological Proof Essay

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There are several ontological proofs provided by Rene Descartes in order to state that God really exists and these are the following:First of all, he said that since he is able to think, the idea of God, which is a perfect creature, formed in his mind (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  He said that this idea was brought about by something and since he believes he does not have anything to do with the cause, he arrived at the conclusion that God really does exists (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).Second, he said that he is a creature that exists and who has an idea of God (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  He also said that his existence is caused by something and this cause is also what prolongs/maintains his existence (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  For him, what maintains his existence must be God and no one else and so God really exists (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).Last but not least, he sees God as a creature that holds all types of perfection (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  For him, existence is a kind of perfection (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  In addition to that he cannot at all imagine God as a non-existent creature and so he concludes that God is in existence (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).EvaluationI feel and extremely believe that there will be countless of objections to Rene Descartes’ ideas because it is too irrational (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).  It is not enough that just because of his existence and just because he has an idea of God makes it right and logical to conclude that God really exists (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 405).Objections One of the critics of Rene Descartes’ ideas is Immanuel Kant (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 414). He said that Rene Descartes’ conclusion is really illogical because his assumption that perfection is a characteristic and that it is a good way to link to existence; in fact he said that, “To say of something that it exists is not to characterize it because existence is not a predicate” (Moore et. al., 2005, p. 414).

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on Descartes Ontological Proof and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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