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Inductive Method Essay

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Written Report in Principles of Teaching DEDUCTIVE METHOD VERSUS INDUCTIVE METHOD All teaching methods can be classified into two, namely deductive method and inductive method. The deductive method, the teacher tells or shows directly what he/she wants to teach. The inductive method begins with questions, problems and details and end up with answers, generalizations and conclusions. Deductive method, in this method the teacher presents first the main topic she will discuss. Explain the subject matter before students make activities.

The advantage of deductive method the students will not have a lot of questions because they already understand the topic, and it will be easy for them to answer the different activities. And the disadvantage of this method, the students can’t participate because only the teacher is the one who is discussing the topic. Inductive method, in this method the students are more involved in teaching learning process the students can give a lot of ideas about the topic and the teacher will be the facilitator and the guide , they will correct the wrong ideas of the learners.

Inductive Method And Deductive Method

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And the learners will be more creative and knowledgeable because the class will start in the different activities and exercises. But it also have disadvantages , because in this method it requires more time, because the class started at the activities and exercises , a lot of time are uses in answering the different activities and exercises and there is only a little time to discuss the topic.

It also has different approaches the blended learning, reflective teaching, metacognitive approach and constructivist approach. The blended learning is learning that is facilitated by the effective combination of different modes of delivery, the reflective teaching students/teachers learn through an analysis and evaluation of past experiences. Metacognitive approach is an approach that makes our students thinks about their thinking.

The constructivist approach is anchored on the belief that every individual constructs and reconstructs meanings depending on past experiences. As a future teacher we should be familiar to this different methods and approaches so we will know what kind of method and approaches that we should use on how the students will learn most. Donalyn S. Alicpala BEED II-A

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