Good morning ladies and gentlemen, fellow classmates, (time-keeper,) adjudicator and worthy opponents of the opposition. We, the affirmative team, represent the motion that the circumstances in which the modern day Internet has developed is encouraging the withdrawal of individuals from social interaction, through various methods. With the world wide web being ever so convenient in the modern world, who would bother to get dressed and walk to the library when everything is sitting there on the web?

For once in your life though, think of how much you are missing out on social opportunities and the changes the Internet has on your behaviour.

The world wide web, despite being a giant museum that holds everything from the figure of pi to the pros and cons of this very discussion, it is an enemy to social behaviour and hospitable characteristics. In our opinion, online schooling, Internet addiction and the substitution of online alternatives to daily activities is resulting in the Internet encouraging the social withdrawal of people.

Online schooling is the major player in the discouragement of social behaviour.

Social Isolation Essay

Whats the difference between online schooling and normal schooling, one might ask. The answer is the personality the user develops. There are two main differences that weighs normal schooling over online schooling. The first is anti-social behavioural personality, also called sociopathic personality disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include a lack of judgement of safety, disregard for rules and a lack of care for others. These characteristics are gained from the isolation one subconsciously feels when they sit before a bright L.

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E. D. display.

Studies show that those who have sociopathic personality disorder persistently lie, show signs of animal cruelty and inadequate control of temper. The second major problem with online schooling is that it directs its users towards Internet addiction, which the second speaker, Michelle, will elaborate on. Communication is no necessity in modern civilisation and lack of communication skills will denigrate other’s impressions towards a person. Seen as the most common form of socialisation, exceptional conversing skills are very important to ones social image.

Those who take online courses will find themselves emailing a lot more frequently. Studies shows that those who email a lot as a result of online schooling discover their verbal skills deteriorating. This is yet another con of online schooling and a sign that the motion that the world wide web demotes social interaction and behaviour is true. Another concern with online schooling is the logic behind the idea. Yes it is true that it saves you the time from walking from your home to the classroom, but lets think of the disadvantages for once.

Like all other one-to-one programs, online schooling takes opportunities where one is given the chance to socialise and allows the user a chance to commute with a thoughtless, mindless, incomprehensible computer screen. This is a discouragement of social behaviour staring you in the face. With the facts, figures and statistics above, it is incontrovertible that the world wide web encourages the withdrawal of individuals from social interaction, as well as changing their behaviour even when they are offline.

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