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In These Dark Satanic Mills, William Greider Discusses: Essay

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In William Greider’s article These Dark Satanic Mills, the central story being tackled is the increasing complications the world is facing, seemingly tantamount to all the advances mankind has inflicted upon itself. And from a broader perspective, the much larger issues to which the article relates are the striking ironies that permeate almost all facets of everyday human life.

The central story is the fallacy and absolute phoniness of the word globalization and the folly of global civilization. Stating an example from the article itself, for instance, the utmost concern for their children and the safety of their toys of virtually all parents in the world possesses an underlying irony – little do they know that the manufacturers of those toys they suspect the safety of face even more grave hazards, and it need not be elaborated where the factories are and how young the workers are, in the most depressed nations of the world where child labor is somewhat perceived as the most natural thing (Greider 329). This is an example of the sheer irony aggravated by subtle ignorance which penetrates all corners of the world today. The turning of a blind eye on the real underlying reasons behind apparently benevolent things comprise the entirety of the central story of the article, and this flaw can be easily translated into more understandable word, and one of those words is hypocrisy, hypocrisy both of the governments and of the peoples. It is as if globalization does not work the way mankind had envisioned it a century ago. This is so because of the implications of the utter ambitions of nations and the world’s populace to make the world a smaller place, a global community where all differences of people can be changed; but was exacerbated because of the miscalculation of the probable consequences and the hastening of the process.

Satanic Mill

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The larger issue is the backpedaling progress of the world as a result of the decline in morality and the simultaneous plunging of regard for the essence of life. If only mankind had anticipated the maladies of today, then technology, capitalism, politics and economics would not be as advanced to the extent that nowadays they create chaos more than they inject goodwill and benevolence; but the opposite had already occurred. If only man had not been so blessed with so much genius then life today is modern but not that complicated. And upon this comes the issue of the nature of man; in spite of his genius, there still are people who are blessed with the eerie ability to propagate evil and make blossom the ills of the world. Lest man has forgotten, great responsibility comes with great power, and by that adage, it need not be disputed that man carries the sole responsibility for the implications of his creations. If only man was innately good, then these problems would not have risen. But that is the main irresolvable malady: the enemy of man is himself and the bitterest adversaries of his morality are his greed and his insatiability, all the facets of amorality. If this can not be evaded, the world indeed is a giant satanic mill, so to speak.

Unless man sees even at least the tip of the tail of his adversary, which is the evil side of himself, this misfortune in which the world is immersed would go on perpetually and be only aggravated by the further advancement of the quality of human life. One of the insinuations of Greider’s in one of his transcribed cases is the global boycott of a particular venture (Greider 334). On a larger scale, yes, that is definitely true, for no number of economic, political and moral policies could ever live up to those function unless those creating them do not look at themselves and ask whether they are for the good of the people, nothing more and nothing less.

In These Dark Satanic Mills, William Greider Discusses:

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