Dangerous Business Movie

Dangerous Business Response I thought that the dangerous business video effectively spotlighted the varying approaches different companies use with regard to workplace and employee safety, and general ethical practices and dealings. I found the occurrences at McWane Incorporation to be quite fascinating, as I had no idea that some company’s workplace conditions were still so horrible in the United States today. I found it amazing that McWane was basically able to circumvent the law by barely meeting necessary standards, and by barely doing what they need to do to avoid heavy liabilities.

Practices like those of Mcwane’s bring in to question whether sacrificing basic human safety in the way that Mcwane does is actually profitable. Well it is clear that for the economy as a whole that Mcwane’s, as well as there subsidiaries such as Tyler Pipe’s actions are quite detrimental. While their practices might help improve their bottom line, along they way they have destroyed lives and families, ultimately hurting the work force.

While the practices and decision-making of McWane Incorporation are highly unethical, whether or not they should be allowed to do what they are doing is an entirely different question.

Dangerous Business Movie

I understand the approach taken by McWane executives: do whatever is necessary to turn a profit. When you think about the risks and competition associated with the business world today, this ideology and reasoning seems to be sound, however this does not take into consideration the long term and far reaching effects of neglecting the environment and basic human safety needs.

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Business managers today are under a lot of pressure to make their companies profitable by any means necessary, which is evident by Mcwane’s Discipline Management Practices.

On the whole my main issue with McWane is that I believe that they could change their business practices and move to become a more ethically sound business, and still remain just as profitable. I would not have as much of an issue with their approach if it really truly was the most efficient and profitable way to run a business. However, when you look at the practices and successes of the American Cast Iron Pipe Company, is it very clear that this is not the case. The American Cast Iron Pipe Co. uns business in the same industry as Tyler Pipe, and uses similar equipment and machinery for many of their operations. The difference between the two companies is that Cast Iron Pipe Co. is able to run a profitable business and at the same time maintain a safe workplace and clean environmental record. Cast Iron also does not engage in some of the unethical practices of Tyler such as targeting ex-cons for employment to help offset turnover issues, or sending injured workers to incompetent medical clinics.

I feel like doing things such as improving the workplace and treating the environment better attract more workers, and also happier workers. Because more people want to work for ethical businesses like Cast Iron that run their business based on the Golden Rule, those companies have access to better employees. Also, those employees working for a company like Cast Iron Pipe are likely to do a better job because they are happier and have a sense of security.

All in all “Dangerous Business” shows that cutting back on employee and workplace safety spending, and trying to save money by meeting the bare minimum environmental standards does not ultimately help a company, as these decisions have far reaching internal effects. Plain and simple unhappy employees who feel unsafe at work are not going to work up to their maximum potential because they are unhappy. I think that there should be stricter standards and penalties for unethical business practices, and I think there needs to be more enforcement of the laws.

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Dangerous Business Movie
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