Essay About Cyber Bullying

In the world we live in we are lucky to have technology advancements that further our education. Computers, cell phones, and Tablets have become vital things in people’s everyday lives. This technology can be used for work, education, and personal enjoyment but there is a dark side to this wonderful technology. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have opened up windows to what people call cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when people bully other people via Internet.When it comes to cyber bullying, they are often motivated by anger, revenge or frustration.

Sometimes they do it for entertainment or because they are bored … Many do it for laughs or to get a reaction. Some do it by accident, and either send a message to the wrong recipient or didn’t think before they did something …Mean girls do it to help bolster or remind people of their own social standing. And some think they are righting wrong and standing up for others.

(stopcyberbullying. org 2 December 2012)For all these reasons kids, preteens, and teens are cyber bullied each day. Cyber bulling is dangerous and has become lethal. “Suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades” (makebeatsnotbeatdowns. org, 2 December 2012). Cyber bullying is something children need to stay away from. Teens and preteens have taken social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and turned them into a hot spot to bully other kids.

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They compose Tweets and make Facebook groups that are meant to bully other kids.It’s an unfair thing and needs be stopped. “Most kids act out violent fantasies online. It makes them feel stronger and allows them to joke around without meaning anything…when you ask a kid why there response is because I can” (stopcyberbullying. org 6 December 2012). Children have the power to do amazing things with the Internet but with that power comes great responsibility. Of course it is impossible to tell every child in the world to stop cyber bullying and never do it again, no one is perfect.But, children can do things to prevent cyber bullying from getting worse. First of all Adults should be teaching children the dangers of cyber bullying and what affects it can have. If people are educated then they will teach other people what they know and spread the word of why cyber bullying is so bad. It’s a domino effect. There are non-profit organizations like End to Cyber Bullying (ETCB). They aim to put an end to cyber bullying. The ETCB works at giving people the latest updates on cyber bullying prevention tips, news, and information.They want people to take ownership of cyber bullying instead of taking the back seat and waiting for someone else to go do it for them. The ETCB knows there is no easy way to end cyber bullying but by making people aware of cyber bullying they know that they are doing their job. “We all need to take ownership of cyber bullying. It cannot be left solely on the parent’s shoulder to make sure that their child will not become a cyber bully or victim” (endcyberbullying. org 3 December 2012). The ETCB has over two hundred volunteers worldwide. They commit to helping others take action to make a safer cyber world.ETCB volunteers travel school-to-school giving presentations to middle schools and high schools. The volunteers teach the students that cyber bullying is not cool and children should seek guidance from their elders. They show the students how to recognize cyber bullying and to learn how to prevent it. Even though websites like Facebook and Twitter still have people who are victims of cyber bullying, more and more people are becoming aware of its dangers. This is thanks to organizations like the ETCB. If everyone would work together the Internet could become a safer place.?

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