Summary:   The enacting of teenage curfew laws in American cities such as Dallas, Texas is a good idea. Such laws can decrease the juvenile crime rate and provide an opportunity for teens who are at risk to become delinquents to receive needed help. Over the past several years, One reason I believe that teenager curfew laws should be effective in many communities is because of the high rate of juvenile crime. If there are fewer teens in the street there will be fewer crimes will be committed by and against juveniles.

Although a nationwide study has never been conducted on curfews’ effectiveness in reducing juvenile crime, cities that enforced them have reported a decline in the rate of juvenile crime rates. In Dallas, Texas where a curfew for youths under age 17 took effect in May 1994, police reports show violent crime by juveniles has decreased by 30. 3% and overall juvenile crime has decreased by 20. 7% (Teen Curfews). In December of 1997, according to the time line Milestones in teen curfews in the United States, the National Council of Mayors concluded that cities that impose youth curfews experienced a significant decrease in juvenile crimes.

Another reason I believe it will be beneficial to have a curfew is because these curfews provide an opportunity for teens who are at risk for becoming delinquents to get needed help. Gregory Bodenhamer says curfew laws are “one of the most dependable, least intrusive methods to identify and help children neglectful and chaotic families that produce most of the nation’s young criminals.

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” Law-enforcement officials say this about curfew laws; they are a straight forward practice and enforceable way to fight juvenile crime.

Teenage Curfews Essay

They also say that any infringements on juvenile liberty will be outweighed by the safety benefits of curfews will bring. These are just several reasons I believe enacting a curfew will be very beneficial for youth Americans. We can use cities such as Dallas, Texas as a example of how when a youth curfew is applied, it can decrease the juvenile crime rate and make better communities all across America. This is the complete article, containing 329 words (approx. 1 i i am doing a argument essay on do curfews keep teens our of trouble could i get feedback on my intro please thanks Every single one of us has been there, where we are rushing to get home before our parents notice it is 11:15 when our parents have specifically told us “Be home at 11 o clock sharp, no later! ” For parents curfews are a way for them to keep tabs on their children and know that if their child is not home by curfew they need to call and checkup.

For teens curfews might just be there worst nightmare, knowing they must be home at a certain time defiantly sets some pressure on them to constantly check their watches. In my opinion curfews are a great way to keep teens out of trouble and knowing ones child is safe and free of harm. Curfews not only protect our children but also our society and the people in it. Other Limits Many Parents set up rules, and other boundaries in which their teens must follow. These rules are usually placed over their teens to control, protect, and teach their teen.

Even though most … is often the wise thing to do, but if you restrict this, but still allow your teen to curse or watch improper movies, and TV the restriction of certain friends will just confuse your teen. Curfews are often needed to prevent teens from getting into trouble late at night. A curfew should slightly vary depending on where the teen are, what they are doing, what they are planning for the following … record and if they are trustworthy they should be given more freedom, and take their opinions into context when giving a curfew.

Some well-behaved teens can be given almost full responsibility when comes to curfews. Curfews are usually most necessary for dating. Parents cannot always give their teen permission to stay out all night on a date. Teens can get into too much trouble when on a date late … the obstacles and setbacks a weekday curfew sets for minors, a shortened curfew on weekends also has it own collection of cons. The weekend holds a significant amount of the time that a minor is able to relax and spend time with friends.

It is no lie that there are minors who engage in illegal acts on weekends such as drinking, smoking, and drag racing. But the truth is that one less hour of freedom is not going to stop any of these offenses. By shortening curfew it will just push all of these events to an earlier time it won’t prevent any of them. It’s as though someone is just rescheduling a meeting or sporting event. The shortening of curfew will only provoke some minors to break the law just based on the idea of teenage rebellion and “sticking it to the man. The extension of curfew will allow parents not to worry so much about their child if they are required to be out beyond curfew for any job/activity related occasion. By extending the curfew police officers can turn their attention from catching minors trying to get home after curfew, to more serious offenses. Having fewer minors being ticketed for being out beyond curfew will in turn unclog the county court system, that has a portion of its time eaten up everyday in handing out fines to minors and pushing them out the door only to see another offender come in.

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