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Crime Scene Essay Paper

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Crime scene photographers are usually visible at every crime scene. This specialist must visually document everything at the site of the incident, from the surroundings to individual pieces of evidence. In fact, the pictures themselves will often be used as evidence in court. All investigators rely on crime scene photographers to provide an accurate image of the crime scene, before any contaminants such as weather and waste bring changes to the site.The photographic documentation of the evidence will also serve as a basis for comparison, should any suspicions of tampering arise. Education While no actual education is required of a crime scene photographer, a background in forensic science or law enforcement is helpful in determining what pictures to take. Everything, from the subject to the angles at which the pictures are taken, can be guided by the principles of crime scene investigation. Other RequirementsBecoming a police officer is the first step towards becoming a crime scene photographer, as most crime scene photographers are hired from within. Crime scene photographers also must have a keen eye for detail, often honed through training in photography. Training and experience in forensic science or law enforcement gives the crime photographer knowledge on where and how to look for evidence. Career Outlook The annual salary of a crime scene photographer depends on location, work experience, and photography credentials.On average, however, crime scene photographers make around $42,000 a year as of this writingCrime scene photography is often overlooked by employers, but remains a necessary part of crime scene investigation. Consistent quality of work will ensure continued success in the field. Forensic photography, sometimes referred to as forensic imaging or crime scene photography, is the art of producing an accurate reproduction of a crime scene or an accident scene using photography for the benefit of a court or to aid in an investigation.It is part of the process of evidence collecting. It provides investigators with photos of victims, places and items involved in the crime. Pictures of accidents show broken machinery, or a car crash, and so on. Photography of this kind involves choosing correct lighting, accurate angling of lenses, and a collection of different viewpoints. Scales, like items of length measurement or objects of known size, are often used in the picture so that dimensions of items are recorded on the image. Educational RequirementsThe best major to pursue is forensic science, according to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. You can get a two year or four year degree. Most police departments are looking for a bachelor’s degree. Another option is to study criminology or criminal justice, with a focus on forensics. To increase your earnings potential, earn a master’s degree. Prerequisites In almost all cases CS photographers are hired from within, which means that you’ll start out as a police officer and work your way up. If this is the route you take, spend as much time as you can assisting in crime scene processing.Once you have been selected to work in criminal investigations you’ll be given additional training, sometimes on the job and sometimes in school. On the Job Crime scene photographers have three things to focus on while taking pictures: The overview includes the outside of buildings, its surroundings and the exits and entrances. Midrange, establishes how far apart objects are, such as where a knife was in relation to a bloodstain. Close-ups are last and could include wounds on a victim or an engraving on jewelry. The hotographer must also help investigators and prosecutors understand the context of the photos by logging them according to sequence, detail and location. In the Courtroom Part of the job requirement can be as a witness in the courtroom. You’ll be expected to explain findings to a jury. Crime scene photographers are viewed as expert witnesses. Working Conditions As a crime scene photographer you’ll be required to work standard hours, but you may also be asked to be on standby or call. Generally you must be able to respond at all times because a crime can happen at any time.

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