Crime Is On The Increase Essay

Crime is on increase Unorganized society commonly caused by many reasons especially the vandalism that leads to unexpected crimes. As we know that, the number of crime committed is increasing day by day while there are also the varieties of its consequences as well as the solutions. In the next paragraphs, both causes and effects of crime will be discussed after one anther which will also be followed by the beneficial solutions.

One of the causes of crime is the poor parenting skill which simply refers to the dysfunction of the family; divorce is the best match example that most of the children will definitely bring their feedback after its occurrence.

By doing so, they will easily become the victim and thus commit the crime immediately. Similarly, fatherlessness also contributes to criminal activities after one has withdrawn oneself from the others or accidentally taken up with gangsters.

Usually, they start either being absent or dropping out of school clustering their own friends into a small group and end up doing something for fun; the reasons behind their reaction is because of the ignorance of the parents toward them, so they will be automatically upset sometimes even lonely that they had to hang out with friends in order to get rid of boredom.

Another significant cause that cannot be blamed for is the poverty throughout their whole life.

Increase In Crime Rate Essay

Having nothing will sooner or later form the ambition which is the creation of greed; consequently, the poor will be the volunteers in any group works without thinking twice if it is a legal affair.

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No matter how many bad things they have done, they will try their best to earn the money for their own sake to put themselves equal as the people surrounded them for both position and wealth. Therefore, they will happily enjoy their life which has always been praying for. Yet all they have to do to be rich in a blink of an eye; for instance, a drug seller whose job is to sell the illegal drug for addictive gangsters.

If one refuses to get involved in such a business, possibly means that he or she is trying to drive the luck away and having no interest in searching for a good chance to be the well-off person. There are even much more causes of crime which occurred daily while there are also many solutions at the same time. Firstly, there should be a reformation of the system especially education must be put on the first hand due to the fact that it helps people gaining knowledge for making better decision.

Once education has been improved, there will be the varieties of employment provided by the local firms; searching for the qualified candidates to be the permanent member of its business activities. Hence, higher salary will be provided without hesitation if that candidate is the right person for recruitment; in addition, he or she is able to improve their living standard by having not only the money to get what they want, but also the reputation of being the rich.

The last solution to deals with criminal activities is the punishment which is strengthened by law to scare away those who love committing crimes. The more criminal activities they have done, the more serious punishment they will get. In this case, it includes two different kind of punishments such as: the less serious punishment is to fine the money which is the law set by the local government, the more serious punishment is to sentence in prison many years according to the degree of how serious the crime is.

With these solutions, there will be the automatic reduction of crime rate for sure. In conclusion, problem will be solved after its solutions have already found and used. Just like a quote says “God never created a lock without its fixed keys”. Solving problem is far different from taking an exam, taking exam, students need to complete the space where answers are required unless they know nothing, whereas you have to be flexible to deal with the problem confidentially and of course cannot skip any tasks at all; otherwise, something bad will happen continuously after one another.

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