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Creating a documentary Paper

The Way I What? EvaluationIn this assignment my group and I which were; me as the camera man, Gemma as the director and Rehna as the editor, had to produce a short film according to the dialogue of the way I what? The film could be about anything as long as it contained the dialogue. We chose to base our film on a couple which in turn went out drinking and denying it as they got home.How helpful was your secondary research?Our secondary research was a success. This is mostly because it was very helpful. The sort of research we did was to do with the genre of our film. As we were doing a documentary drama we researched into the sort of camera shots that would be used to the music and also effects. We also looked at the film “The Good, The bad and the ugly” and the soap “Eastenders”. By watching the two, we became aware of such contrasts in the codes and conventions which were used in each. We also had a better approach to analysing. Therefore for our drama we used our research to define certain things that could be related to the genre. These things were outfits, camera shots, as we had a lot of confrontation we used medium/ mid-close ups, POV to show exactly what the characters were going through. Location for example a night club for one of the scenes.How helpful/successful was your pre-production process?All of our pre-production work which we did was very successful. This was because as a team, this was because we all spread the workload out evenly and as a team finished it at an efficient rate. Also that after finishing the pre-production, we all knew exactly what we had to do filming wise. So therefore when it came to filming we didn’t have to refer back too much to our pre-production work apart from the storyboard.How successful was your production (filming)?Our filming went very good and successful. As we were filming indoors we didn’t really have many obstacles which would be a major hazard or problem. The equipment which we used was simple to get to grips which gave us no problems at all. We used a wide range of shots as well as takes to optimise that we would be recording and putting in only the best takes into our production. The only problem which wasn’t really an issue was that filming had to be done outside lesson times. Therefore we had to put other after college plans and issues aside which was a little problem for me I have a lot of after college activities and clubs that I attend to. This therefore made us stripped for time.Discuss strengths and weaknesses of your production segment making reference to the codes and conventions of other factual programmes you have seenOur film was about the relation and trust between a couple and how their reactions to from the others responses. Although this was what our film was about there were many strengths and weaknesses of our production. These were strengths;We used a wide range of shots and effects which could be related to such films as “bullet boy” or “kidulthood” which are the closest related drama films which could be related to our film. We used medium close-ups to show an indepth conversation, POV to show what they were going through, a 360 degrees spin to add an effect of intensity. All these inputs made our film even better and also more relatable to the codes and conventions of similar productions.The weaknesses were; we felt we didn’t have enough editing time to make our production complete which made us feel that potentially we didn’t achieve the grade which we would have if enough time was given. Secondly due to only being allowed filming after college and also due to the fact that its winter, there wasn’t enough daylights available when it came down to filming so one of our outdoor scenes were scraped. Apart from the above everything from pre-production to post-production went as smoothly and successful.Audience feedbackOur production was finally shown to our class which we then were given feedback to their thoughts. The feedback which they gave was that the storyline was very clear and understandable. They understood what sort of a relationship was going on between the two (boyfriend and girlfriend) the uses of music and visual effects were very good in emphasising that they were in a nightclub. The only sort of negative feedback which was given was that the 360 degrees sequence was a little too long which could have been made a little shorter. All of the feedback which we received was taken into account my me and my group and we believe that from receiving feedback that as we create more productions we will benefit from this and produce only better structured production.What improvements could you have made?The improvements which we could have made to our production are, in general plan a structured time table from the process of pre-production to post production. As we didn’t have much of a problem by doing this it would optimise the chances of completing everything on time. Also we could have gone over edited footage which we decided would be used in our production to see if there could be any final alterations for example from shortening the sequence to reducing the volume of the music/voiceover

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