Consumer Buying Behavior

The following example essay on “Consumer buying behavior” is the study of how individuals make a decision to spend the available resources – time, money and effort on consumption related items i. e. , what they buy, why they buy, when they buy, where they buy , how often they buy and use a product or services.

In the process of consumers’ buying behavior focuses on how commercial and social marketing can anticipate and within the marketing pillar, the knowledge generated in the consumer behavior pillar provides information for firms to develop new marketing strategies.

Cosmetic’ relates to the treatment intended to improve person appearance outwardly. Different consumers have got different perception towards buying cosmetic. With the changing times and the consumer demands organization should be more customer oriented. Consumer buying behavior with regard to cosmetic in comparison of Modicare and Oriflame, leading brands of cosmetic for both genders of all ages.

Modicare an India brand deals not only with cosmetics but also with home care, nutrition health and wellness, personal care, laundry care, food and beverage, agriculture and auto care.

Oriflame on the other hand is a Sweden brand dealing mostly with cosmetics. A comparison study on these two brands on their cosmetic as how consumer get attracted to buy them, how consumer s satisfied with the products and what make the consumer to buy the products.

Marketers must study the customer taste, preferences, wants, shopping and buying behavior because such study provides the clues for developing the new products, price, product changes, messages and other marketing mix element which help in the growth of organization.

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Thus studying the consumer behavior is a very complex process, as it involves not only the economic factors but also the emotional factors.

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Consumer Buying Behavior
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