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Compare and Contrast Essay

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Jamar Jenkins Comp 1-003 K. Bennett 10 Nov. 2012 Compare and Contrast Clothing has many different styles and sizes, but it is also alike in many ways. For one, clothing is needed by everyone. Clothing has evolved a lot since if first became used. A difference would be that not everyone wears the same type of clothing. For instance, American Eagle and Hollister are two types of clothing brands which have many similarities and differences. First of all, American Eagle has some things that Hollister dose not. The clothing is much cheaper in American Eagle than in Hollister.

With cheaper clothing, they draw in more customers, which gives them an opportunity to make sales. They also carry a few more colors than Hollister does. For instance, American Eagle sells black, but Hollister does not instead they have navy blue. With them having a wider variety of clothing colors, they are allowed to fit the needs of more customers. Another good thing about American Eagle is the music, it is upbeat and not so loud like Hollister. This is good because when older people come in they will not get a headache, like they would in Hollister.

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This in turn would make people stay longer and do more shopping. Another good thing is the lighting in the store. The lights are bright which allows people to see the clothing much better. This will lower the return rate because they will be able to see the item well, and will not get home and realize it is the wrong color or something. One last quality is they have bigger sizes in clothing. This also allows them to help many people including the people that Hollister can not, because they do not have many sizes. The sizes are one of the biggest reasons they get a lot of customers.

A con about American Eagle is that the clothing they sell is very thin. Them having thin clothing does not make American Eagle a good choice for winter clothing, unlike Hollister. That is why during the winter Hollister gets a lot more customers. American also does not have a lot of different styles. Most of their clothing is alike; there really is not a big difference in the way they look. On the other hand Hollister has many different types of clothing. Hollister has many things that American Eagle does not. Unlike American Eagle, Hollister has many different types of clothing.

The clothing in Hollister ranges from cardigans to sandals. A lot of people go to Hollister for clothes that are nice, but at the same time really comfortable. Most of the people that come in already know what they want. Hollister also has much better customer service than American Eagle does. The workers at Hollister are very helpful and friendly. Another pro is that the clothing is very thick in Hollister, way thicker than American Eagle. The thick clothing makes Hollister a very good place to buy winter clothing. One of the cons about Hollister is the high prices.

Although they have way better clothing, Hollister’s prices almost double some of American Eagles prices. This can be a big con, because the prices are what most customers look at. Another bad thing about Hollister is that the store is quite dark. With the store being so dark the customers can not really see all of the items that the store has to offer. People tend to ask where things are a lot, more than they would in another store. Many people also return things a lot, because they did not see it well with the dark lights in the store. One of the most complained about things in Hollister is the extremely loud music.

The music in Hollister is so loud; people can hear it no matter where they are in the mall. With the music being so loud a lot of the costumers do not stay long. American Eagle and Hollister may have a lot of differences, but they do have some things in common. The biggest thing that they have in common is that they are both very successful brands. These two brands are expanding more and more every day. They both remain at the top of today’s fashion among teens and young adults. Both stores are well known around the U. S. as well as other countries.

Another thing that these two stores have in common is the locations. Hollister and American Eagle are in nearly every mall in the U. S. Another one of the qualities the two stores share is comfort. These two stores have built their names off comfort, and it keeps the customers coming back. Although both stores have their pros and cons, they are very popular brands. Hollister and American Eagle we be around for a long time to come. They both have come a long way since they originated, and are both very successful. Even though these stores have their differences, they share some strong qualities and are great stores.

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