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College Students Should Have Complete Freedom to Choose Their Own Courses Essay

The television drama ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ The television drama ‘X-Files’ episode ‘Gender Bender’ is about unsolved cases in the FBI investigation. The special agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully believe that it involving aliens and paranormal phenomena. In that episode, a man in the club is taken by a woman for casual sex. Then, the man was found dead in a room in a hotel. The special agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were selected to investigate this case. They try to look at CCTV where the place of murder happened.

What they see in the recording is when the victim enters into a room at a hotel is with one mysterious woman but after the victim died they see a man is going out from that room. They also believe the killer is not a human. After that, the evidence leads them to an Amish-like community in Massachusetts, which they call the Kindred. They go to that place and the community in there asks them to surrender their gun before entering their places. Suddenly there is one sick man at the table when they are inviting the agents for dinner.

Once the Mulder wants to help, one of them (Brother Andrew) said that they will take care of their own. When the community accompanying the agents, agent Mulder recognizes one of them in the photo taken in the 1930’s. Then, he becomes curious to know about something. The agents go back to the village and see the man that sick at the table was being bathing in water clay by the group. Then, the sick man was buried alive and begun to appear as a woman. Meanwhile, one of the groups (Brother Andrew) seduced Agent Scully by using his power. She cannot resist until Agent Mulder come and rescued her.

In a hospital there is another victim who safe from dead (who managed to survive from the seduction of one of the Kindreds). The agents ask(questioned him to further their investigation) but the man unwillingly tells that he sees the woman that he having sex with is ‘looked like a man’ he was reluctant at first but eventually to the agents that the woman who he had sex with ‘looked like a man’). After that, they go to another crime scene and accidently found the man that killed the victims but the man got disappeared with the Kindred. They go to that village again, find nothing there and go to nearby and find a large crop circle.

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The other television drama is ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ episode ‘Witch’ is about Buffy wants to become a cheerleader. In the middle of trial, the hands of one of the girls trying out for the squad spontaneously combust. Amy Madison, another competitor was under pressure when she was just substitute list after Cordelia Chase and Buffy. Buffy, Xander and Willow collect some Amy’s hair to prove that she cast spell in a science lab. But Amy manages to steal Buffy bracelet without her knowing. The next day, Buffy become weird and she become a bloodstone vengeance spell has destroyed her immune system.

They have to get the book of the witch’ spell and reserve it in order to cure Buffy. When Giles trying to reverse the spell Amy get to know and go to science lab where Buffy and Giles were. Giles success in his spell to cure Buffy. Amy was switched her body with her mother. When, Buffy feel well enough to fight against Amy’ mother she also succeed in destroyed her by using a mirror and the spell was reflect on her. The story of ‘X-Files’ is impossible to believe because the story is unsolved case which is suspended. The exactly reason why the Kindred exist and what their aim lives in human world.

The question is the Kindred are harmful on human? The story stated that one of those communities is killed many people and sometimes transform into different gender to attract them. It is sometimes not even cross our mind and we think that it is ridiculous. People will also hard to believe without the evidence. The evidence must be relevant and they have to make other people trust you and not for confusing and impossible to believe. In our lives, if there any situation occurs for the first time it might take a long time understand. For the story of ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ it possible to occur.

The people sometimes use magic to protect themselves, get benefits, enjoyment and even make someone become scapegoat for human misfortune. The witchcraft had existed since long time ago. It depends on cultural context of using it in most commonly for religious. For example, there is one show about magic. The magic was used to entertain other people. It not possible that the magic also can misapply to make their lives better. In that story, Amy’ mother using a witch’ spells to become a cheerleader and at the end, the spell demolished by Buffy using a mirror.

These people take a shortcut way to make their lives easier which they don’t want other people get more that he or she gets. It also leads to feel jealous in someone to other people where they are not calm to hear someone success or better than him or her. The conclusion is in our lives has to use our own natures to make our life better and we have to always improved our lives in day to day. We can also take lessons on what happen on our surrounding and always be aware to avoid other people cheat to you in all matter. If we want to make something, must get the right source and not other people possession or steal it.

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