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Coca Cola Ad Analysis Essay Paper

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For years, Coca-Cola has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of soft drink beverages and other various products. Over the course of time, the company has grown tremendously and has spread many of its markets to a variety of different places. Since it first began, nobody would have thought that it would be where it is today and how big of an influence it would have on the public. This can strongly be attributed to the company’s smart yet robust advertising and marketing policies, which have enabled it to promote its product to the consumers.

In one of Coca-Cola’s advertisements, the company attempts to create a relationship between the product and consumer while displaying how the drink is a part of American culture. The idea that is being portrayed is meant to appeal to American interests by means of longstanding segments of American culture. In this advertisement, the logo at the very bottom reads, “A classic never goes out of style. ” As we can see, the image of the coke bottle consists of many pictures pertaining to American history.

Regardless of whether or not a person had ever purchased a coke product, the design of the bottle immediately grasps the consumer’s attention. This is mainly due in part by the bottle’s depiction of traditional themes that people can relate to. For example, the artist who created the image included The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The American Flag, The Rolling Stones, Baseball, and a Cadillac, which can all be characterized as “American Classics”.

Coca Cola Advertisement Essay

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Altogether, they represent some of the values that which America was built upon and what people have learned to love. Consequently, the assumption that is being made is that Coca-Cola is also an “American Classic”. It is quite clear that while the product may be considered just a drink, it is in fact more than that. By relating the beverage to some of America’s longstanding roots, the company has without a doubt created a closer relationship between product and consumer.

People can view the image of the bottle and automatically be inclined to buy the product for themselves due to the sheer fact that the pictures are of such great importance to our society. Additionally, it is essential to note another subtle yet key idea that is being portrayed in the advertisement. Firstly, something that is considered to be a “classic” has to be of great significance and influence compared to other subjects in its category. While “classics” may forever be a part of our culture, the impression given by Coca-Cola is that Coke will never go out of style.

Coca Cola Ad Analysis Essay

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