My Class Reunion

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As the sunbeam gradually departs, the moon and the stars embark its brilliance on Earth, and after the exhausting days of working fervently overtime as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the Commission on Audit (COA), at last, the end of my hectic schedule for this year came. I made up my mind of having a fulfilling break from my strenuous work.

I wanted to have a soothing time for myself after chasing the deadline for the submission of the annual report. For the past few years, I have always wanted to know the whereabouts of MORMS Class 2010.

Then, I finally found the right time. I decided to go to Palawan to have a refreshing time in a resort, then, I will go back to Bicol to visit the school where I graduated 13 years ago for our Class reunion … I took a plane and began my journey.

Before boarding the plane to Palawan, I noticed familiar faces of a guy and a lady approached me. I couldn’t believe that they were FRANCIS GERARD TOSCANO and LIEZEL GNILO. Francis told me that he is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is now the chief accountant of the Department of Tourism Central Office.

Class Prophecy

On the other hand, Liezel told me that she is now the manager of the Philippine National Bank in Manila.

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They also updated me about KRIZIA NAPAY, manager of PUREFOODS Incorporation; LEIZEL RECATO, the internal auditor of the National Bookshop; and MARIJHUN ORTEGA, an auditor of Sunshine Group of Companies together with CHERRY LYN ODSINADA. My scheduled flight was twenty-five minutes behind the schedule, so I bought the latest issue of the Life Line Magazine, wanting to read the articles of the famous journalists, NOREEN MARQUEZ and DIZA RAQUION.

I scanned the pages of the magazine and was surprised to see the picture with a caption: JOYCE NAAG; Top Model of the Year. There were still other photos featuring KRISTINE ELAINE LAGARDE, and JUDITH ODINA, the career women of the year. Their faces didn’t change at all. They looked as beautiful as they were 13 years ago. The plane was now ready for takeoff. I sat on and decided to take a nap. But before I could even close my eyes, a stewardess tapped my shoulder. To my surprise it was KIAN CARLA PIELAGO.

She told me that she’s with SARAH JANE BELARMINO, and JAMIEVA SHANEEN KUBOTA in the same plane where I was in. From her, I learned that the pilot of the plane was Capt. IRVINE REY PALOYO. Suddenly, I heard the captain speaking. Because of some engine trouble, we were compelled to have an emergency landing in Kalibo, Aklan. Since it was already late in the afternoon, I looked for a comfy hotel where I can stay for a night. I found one – M. V. SAPINOSO HOTEL – curious about the name, I asked the attendant who owned the hotel and then he told me that it was MARK VINCENT SAPINOSO.

Upon settling up my things in my room, I went out to take my dinner in the Royal Mall of Aklan with the assistance of JUPEL OPERIO, a tourist guide. At the entrance of the mall, I walked along and saw MARY JULIET NASAYAO. We talked for a while until I knew that she is now an IT Professional together with MAICA OLAYRES. From her I was also informed that RUFFA MARQUESES, and ALLYSA MARIE MOYA, are two of the major stockholders of the Royal Mall. The mall was designed and constructed by RAZEC Company headed by Architect CRIS CEZAR ATIVO and Engr.

ADRIAN BUETA. Expert architect MARY JOY PABILONIA, and ALEGRIA ROSER NEBRES; Engr. MANUEL BARTOLOME JR. , NHIEL JOHN NALLOS, and JOMAR MADRIGALEJOS played important roles in the project. I looked at my watch and I found that it was already 7:00 in the evening. So, I decided to look for a place to dine. I found one – the Cucina de Blanco- managed by JHELYN BLANCO. The restaurant serves Aklan’s delicacies. I was surprised to know that the chef of the said restaurant was JERUSA ALI. Aklan is such a lively place especially at night.

Trying to relax and entertain myself, I dropped by the KWATRO MUSIKEROS BAR owned and managed by MARYJANE NOLASCO. There I witnessed the “Pinangat Bhoiz Band” where JULIUS CASIN was the vocalist, CYRUS MORCO and DENMARK SALLAN were the guitarists, and ARIES LLANZANA was the drummer. I enjoyed listening to their acoustic musical renditions and modern rock music. I enjoyed my stay there so I cancelled my trip to Palawan. I decided spending my days of vacation in Aklan and in Bicol for the Class reunion. I had a nice time discovering the beauty of Aklan.

But my vacation will not be complete if I will not have a moment in a beach resort. Upon knowing that there is a gorgeous resort near my location, I desired to go there the next day. I slept at the hotel for one night, and went to the resort that was owned by KATHLEYA MAY PALENCIA. The place is a good one and I am lucky for being there because at that time, there were new establishments that have just opened. Some of the businessmen and entrepreneur I had met there were JOHN HARRY JAY SENIER, JOSE ERIK MORALEJO, and MARY GRACE LEAH BANAGA. What a wonderful day I had! . . Feeling worn-out, I took a needed rest. I had a coffee while watching the television. TESLA LITERAL, a news caster, delivered the news that the Philippines won in International Sports Competition. JAMES CASULLA, RIOMEL MORON, GENEBY OCCIDENTAL, ARGLEN ORAA, CHONA OSIA, and MARY BABY SAMONTE compose the volleyball team who got the First Place in the competition. FRANCIS DEO NEBREJA, FRANKLIN DEO NEBREJA, and GUIA CONSORTE were members of the swimming team. There were DARVIN BALINGASA, JUNIQUE PALENZUELA, and APPLE CHARM GOMEZ, for athletics; and IVY FRANCES PELGONE and MELVIN MORAL JR. for badminton.

The thinking skills of ROXANNE JING AND REINA JANE ROA in chess had also shown up in the competition. Because of tiredness, I didn’t notice that I fell asleep. I just woke up the next morning by a knock on the door. I didn’t know who the person who woke me up was; all I saw was a newspaper lying on the floor at the door. As a part of my daily routine, I read the articles on the newspaper especially those pieces of writing by MARIANNE LETTE OCROMAS and ANTON ONATO. On this day, I am now ready to fly for Legazpi. My flight is at 4:30 in the afternoon, so I still have enough time to go around and buy some souvenirs.

Time flies so swiftly. After two hours of travel, thank God we had a nice safe flight. Upon arriving at the airport in Legazpi, I checked in at MAGAYON HOTEL owned by JOSE JERRY MERCADER a businessman; IZZAROSE VACARO, a businesswoman; and GLADYS NON, a lawyer. LAUDE LYN BALINGASA and JOCEL CAMACHO who are now partners in their clinic as pediatricians met me at the hotel. We went to Albay Astrodome to watch the Presentation of the “Bikolano’s Cultural Dance Troop”. Their presentation was the one presented in the Asian Cultural Competition winning the First Place.

There I saw BEA ANGELA NIEVES, MONICA BRIAGAS, NERISA LY SIAPNO, MAE SELETARIA, XEAN HENDRIX BORBE, and CARLOS NUELES dancing proudly and charmingly with the pleasant playing of instruments of HANNAH MARIELLE LOZADA, BLESSIE NACION, JASON-JIM MARANIO, MARK STEVENS VASQUEZ II, and ZANIE JOVELLANA. Then, we went to an art exhibit where the dazzling works of JAY-AR PADRE, NICOLE SHANNON CARINO, and MATT ZIPAGAN JR. are displayed. It was such a delightful time having a night with them. They are still dear and sweet as what they were since the last time we had met.

I offered them to sleep with me for that night since it was already late in the evening. They took my suggestion so we went back to the hotel and had a talk. Feeling dull, we watched a movie entitled “BEAUTY AND MADNESS” directed by MARK HARRIS LIM. The cast of characters had an excellent play of their role. JIMMA MAE BALUYO, SARAH BAUTISTA, SUNSHINE JOY MORCO, and REA MAE SOLANO now hold the title of being the Superstars of the Philippines. The movie lasted for two hours and it was about one o’clock when Jocel advised us to go to sleep because tomorrow will be our reunion.

I turned on the radio and listen to the cool voice of CARMELA LOARES and MARIA SARAH GLOVO. We woke up around seven o’clock and got ready for the Class reunion. We went to our Alma Mater and there we met the others. KRISHNA OREJO and KRIZHA MAE PADRE are now graphic artists. MARK JEFFER ONTANEZ and JONEL ARGAMOSA, who were not able to attend the reunion, were in Paris for their carrier as fashion designers. JOMEL IAN GRAGEDA, LEONARD MONTERO, HEINZ LLANA, and CHARLES KHEVIN PERLAS are members of the band who made the reunion lively.

ANNE JEANNETTE PAMPLONA, FRIEA MAE MALATE, and DONNA COLICO are teachers and professors at present. From them, I heard that ANNE MERYL LUCERO, CHEKEE ROSE OROZCO, and MARK JOSEPH ODIVER, the graduates of the Philippine Military Academy recently had a promotion in their chosen fields. I really missed some of my former batch mates but I didn’t know how to get in touch with them. . . I suddenly felt the hotness. . . The rays of the morning sun awakened me . . . Hmmnnn. . . what a nice dream I had! Good luck to each and everyone and may the prophecy come true. . .

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