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Children Should Start School Younger Than They Do Now Essay

Children Should Start School Younger Than They Do Now There is no doubt that parents want the best for their children. Some of them believe that children should stay at home or go to kindergartens until they are seven years old. Others think that it is important for kids to go to school as soon as possible. According to the statistics, our brain gets damaged as we grow old. As a child we have a capability to memorize anything quickly. So, it is really important to send children to school early and let them use their brain for all it is worth.

Moreover, going to school early means finishing it at an early age. Is it an advantage, however? As far as this point is concerned, I think, we should follow the example of the USA. American children finish their school at the age of 18-19. Thus, they are already mature enough to make up their mind, to choose their future occupation. As for the Russian children, they are only 16-17 years old when they find themselves at a crossroads. They haven’t understood yet what they want to be, so they do what they’re told by their parents.

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As a result, they realize later that they entered not the university they wanted, and studied “not their scene”. In addition to that, by sending your child to school earlier you “steal” a year (or more) of his/her childhood, real and careless childhood. It may have a bad effect on children in the future and bring them a psychological trauma. So, if you ask me, I would never send my child to school earlier than at 7 years old. If you want my honest opinion, 5- and 6-year-old kids should play with dolls and toy cars instead of sitting at the desks at school.

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