Calvin College Application

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I have a vision of what my college experience will look like. It is a montage of college scenes pulled from books, movies, and my university tours. I see guitar-accompanied picnics and Converse sneakers crunching through leaves on a sidewalk. I see countless chai lattes turning into empty cups during late night essay writing, during which I’m simply adorned in a hoodie and headphones. I see the magic bond that forms between two nervous freshmen roommates as they spontaneously belt out a song in tune with the radio.

When I walked through the picturesque Calvin campus, I could truly envision myself in Converse sneakers on my way to conquer an essay with a chai latte and headphones at the ready. I don’t know whether college will look like that or not, but I hope to balance the challenges and rigors of learning, with enthusiasm and a sense of community. I hope that I will have the opportunity to love life, and show love toward others, at Calvin.

I am drawn to the intimate campus and dedicated staff at Calvin College because it reminds me of the school in which I grew up.

Calvin College Application

Rudolf Steiner is a small, unique school that has encouraged me to explore, pursue my passions everyday, show responsibility toward my community, and have a familial relationship with my peers. I was encouraged to appreciate music, art, travel, language, and to revel in the triumphs that are possible when a community comes together to share their gifts and talents.

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It is this creative spirit and sense of loyalty that I hope to bring to Calvin. I want to grow in character as well as in my academics.

I want to feel inspired, and to inspire others. Film is my passion and it is my goal to capture enchanting moments, from the purity of a dance silhouetted by a melting sunset, to the quiet elegance of an artist who is surrounded by the bustle of life and yet completely alone with a sketchbook. For me, there are few things more satisfying than being able to portray to my friends the love and beauty that I see in them. I also hope to utilize skills and ideas learned in my Youth Leadership Team experience, and apply them to my Calvin experience.

On my church Mission Trip, I was moved by the verse Timothy 4:12 regarding youth and behavior, which is good advice for college students. I am committed to embracing the weightlessness of my youth, while setting a strong and noble example in character. This is what I hope to continue at Calvin. I know that college will be full of challenges and that it may not match my cinematic depiction. I am confident, however, that if I keep my friends close, pursue my passions, and stay in touch with my faith, I will carve out a future that inspires me and touches others in a positive way.

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Calvin College Application
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