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Business Plan Introduction Essay

F5 is our company’s name and also what we will bring to customers: fast, fragrant, feasible, feat and flexible. F5 cleaning service is a house cleaning service serving upper-class families in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. These targeted families will be willing to pay a premium for our service because of the high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that we provide F5 cleaning service‘s mission is to offer the customers with all cleaning service in an professional, trustworthy, environmental manner.

Satisfy and exceed customers’ expectation is our mission and maxim to run up the business. Our slogan: “The clean you expect, the service you deserve” We offer cleaning service timely, daily, weekly, or monthly according to the demand of customers. We provide the best convenient for customers whenever they want us to come and serve them. Maybe, for a long time people do not stay at home or too busy to keep everything clean, just call us, we will come.

We understand about that, so we build our staff flexible time in order to reach customers’ demand. With flexible house cleaning services daily, weekly, bi- weekly or monthly, at that time we can go to a negotiation and decide what time is the appropriate time for us to go to customers’ house and clean up. Moreover, we provide service in holidays, or parities, est. in order to help the customer save time in preparing and cleaning after the party end and every body get tired.

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