Michael Green Beer Providing Endless Opportunities Since 1862

Beer advertisements have become extremely popular since or society has become avid beer drinkers. Most of the beer ads entail a good time when consumed. They also insinuate other ideas that could be seen as scandalous to some people. Many advertisements use sex to sell their products. The Bud Light advertisement I analyzed had many messages that could be easily over looked. In the Bud Light advertisement I come across, I noticed a few things.

This advertisement like many others was not only selling a product, it was selling an idea.

Given that it was a Bud Light advertisement it was promoting Bud Light beer. Also it was providing the idea of “endless opportunities. ” At first glance of this ad the onlooker would notice a massive Bud Light bottle covered in melting ice. This bottle looks very refreshing and mouth-watering. The advertisement is split in half on the left there is an all white background. In the middle of the right side there is a couple, male and female on a date.

The woman is in front of the man holding a pool stick wearing a silky gold tank top. She is glancing to the side. The man is behind the woman, looking at the viewer of the advertisement. He is wearing a black leather paperboy hat with a white sweater and a grey undershirt. His facial expression is suggesting that he is ‘up to something. ’ On the top of the left side there is a phrase “endless opportunities. ” This is evidence for the expression on the guy’s face.

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He is trying to ‘make something happen’ with the woman.

The same couple is on the right side of the advertisement, but now the woman is facing the man with her arms around his neck. Now she has a smile from ear to ear. Again the woman is looking to the side and the man is looking at the viewer. This time the male looks more confident. The male has his arms wrapped around her back holding the pool stick. He is no longer wearing his hat or sweater. The background of the right side is a faded blue with a beer and a pool table. Above the couple is there is a phrase “superior drinkability. Looking closer at the advertisement there are a couple things the average person would not notice. There is evidently a reason why this ad is split in two. The left side is perfectly clear so the viewer can distinguish the couple perfectly. The right side on the other hand is faded. The people are more difficult to distinguish. When drinking alcohol the vision is impaired. This suggests that the couple is sober on the right and intoxicated on the left. Now that this is understood a few more things can be detected from this ad. The woman is much more affectionate to the male when under the influence.

Also the male’s facial expression is now more confident then when he was sober. Bud Light is implying that if their product is drank it will get you laid in this ad. Staring even more intently at the advertisement the viewer may pick up on a bit of symbolism. Notice on the left side of the ad the woman is holding the pool stick; on the right side the man is holding it. Men who go from girl to girl have been called ‘players. ’ They treat the act of getting with woman as a game. The pool stick in the advertisement represents ‘the game. When the couple is sober the woman is holding the pool stick, meaning she is in control of the game. When the couple is intoxicated the male is holding the pool stick, now he is in control of the game. Insinuating that Bud Light creates endless opportunities. On the average day, the average person will see thousands of advertisements. It is important not buy into the idea the ads are promoting, such as this Bud Light advertisement. People could get the wrong idea and start taking advantage of drunken woman. Question everything advertisements are everywhere nobodies safe.

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Michael Green Beer Providing Endless Opportunities Since 1862
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