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Best Seller Paper

Best seller by O. Henry MCQ’s (1) Where does the narrator went for his business? (a) Coketown (b) Cincinnati (c) Pittsburgh (d) Virginia (2) What was the name of the person to whome narattor meets in passanger car? (a) William Porter (b) John Cena (c) John A. Pescud (d) O. Henry (3) What was the duration of time after which narrator meets to Pescud? (a)12 months (b)24 months (c)18 months (d)20 months (4) What was the profession of John A. Pescud? (a)commercial traveller (b)travelling salesman (c)company manager (d)writer (5)Name of the hotel in which Pescud stays … (a) Sun View House (b) Ray View House c) Bay view House (d) Way view House ·Fill in the blanks I. Pescud works in ……………………….. company. II. Pescud was on …………… train,going to …………….. . III. Name of Pescud’s Wife ……………… . IV. Hometown of Jessie ……………… . V. Name of Pescud’s Father in Law ………………….. . ·Short answer type questions a. Who was Colonel Allyn? b. Name the station where Pescud was almost missing the train. c. What is the meaning of word frazzled? d. Describe the weather condition of Pittsburgh? e. Simplify this line “heroes are not often lucky enough to be made of. ” f.Describe the physical appearance of Pescud? g. Describe Coketown. h. Why do you think the title of the story is ‘Best Seller’? i. Why did Pescud get off at Coketown? j. Describe the big mansion. k. Why did Pescud relates a wormy English nut to the big mansion? ·Read the extract and answer the following questions “Good luck to you,Trevelyan,I said. “And may you get the petunias for your princess! ” a. Who is being called Trevelyan and Why? b. What is the speaker’s tone as this time? c. Who is the princess? ·Very long answer type question a. Compare and contrast the characterstics of Pescud and the narrator. AM 06:32:36

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