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Bayaning 3rd World Reaction Paper Paper

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Name : Ivy Ruth O. InogadaTeacher : Florencio Quizon Rizal Bayaning 3rd World The primary purpose of the movie was to show the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. The characters of Ricky Davao and Chris Villanueva try to discover what he did by traveling to the time of Dr. Jose Rizal. The characters show that they respect their elders. Dr. Jose Rizal show this to his elder sisters Narcissa and Trining, to his elder brother Paciano, and to his mother. In spite of oppression by the Spaniards to the Filipino people, the director showed in the characters of Ricky Davao and Chris Villanueva as film makers that the Filipinos are joyful.

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In the characters of Dona Theodora (also called Dona Lolay), Trining, and Narcissa being God-fearing was shown by going to the church to attend the mass, and by performing the rosary. The family of Rizal sent him to school. Rizal has strong value of this because he made sure that he will finish Medicine. He didn’t just study here in the Philippines but also studied abroad. The Rizal family was very close to each other. Rizal wrote letters to his family. His mother wrote letter to him. Paciano make sure that Rizal will be safe against the Spaniards.

Thoughtfulness was shown in the movie when Rizal wrote letters to his family, friends, and Jesuit priest. Rizal showed this when the Jesuit priest help him when he was in Ateneo, he try to show his respect to them, unlike to the other priest. Rizal showed his strong sense of gratitude. When Rizal was in prison he showed his resilientness. Even if the Spaniards were accusing him of a sin, he is still resilient that he is innocent. Rizal has a strong value of bravery. Until his death he showed this by being not afraid to face the bullets shoot unto him by the Spanish soldiers during the firing squad at Bagumbayan

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Bayaning 3rd World Reaction Paper

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