Ransom Essay

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The following sample essay on Ransom Essay tells about kidnappers.

These two stories are in some ways alike and then in some ways different. I will first discuss the ways they are alike. The first way they are alike, is that in both the stories the kidnappers want money, and they intend to get it by kidnapping young children of wealthy parents. Both the kidnappers figured that by kidnapping these rich kids they could get more money. Another way both of the kidnappings were the same was that both of the children caused the kidnappers some kind of grief.

The kidnappings are the same in yet another way two, In the end both of the kidnappers don’t get the money. Now I will discuss the ways that these two stories are different. The first is that there is a big age difference between the two children. Also The parents of the child in Baby’s Day Out actually wanted there child back, whereas the parent of the other didn’t want him back.

The child in Baby’s Day Out was greatly loved by his parent’s and they would do anything to get him back.

The baby from Baby’s Day Out was just a baby , he did not mean to cause trouble. The other child was just a natural born trouble maker. As you can see these stories are both alike, and in some ways not alike. I think that there are very good reasons as to why these stories are alike, and then how they are different.

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I think that these stories are more different than they are alike. I really enjoyed reading the book, and watching the movie. i hope that we can do more projects like this one.

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