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Attachment Report Guidlines Essay

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Paper type: Report

Attachment report is a record of activities undertaken by the student while on attachment. It should, thus, provide the details of the institutions where students were attached, a description of activities undertaken by the students and lessons learnt during the attachment period. The report should, thus contain the following sections: 1. Title Page a. Should contain the title of the report e. g. “Report of the Field Attachment Undertaken at MOI University, Nairobi Campus From 20th Feb to 30th May” b.

Name and registration number of student c. Statement on the purpose of the report, e. g. “Report Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism” d. Date of Submission 2. Abstract 3. Dedication 4. Acknowledgements 5. Table of Contents 6. Chapter One a. Introduction – Provide a comprehensive background information relating to the organization under which you were attached, i. e. History, Core functions and Organizational Structure of the organization b. Management Structure and Functions of the department under which you undertook your attachment 7. Chapter Two a. The period within which the exercise was undertaken b. Objectives that you set to achieve during this period c. Key responsibilities assigned 8. Chapter Three a. Provide a detailed description of your field attachment experience, i. e. , i. Major activities in which you were involved ii.

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Key achievements during this period/Contributions you made to the organization iii. Lessons learnt/Knowledge and skills acquired 9. Chapter Four a. Summary i. Provide a brief summary (not more than two pages) of the above. ii. Recommendations – Any recommendations regarding the programme, for which you are registered, based on your experiences in the field. 10. Appendices a. Attach any documents you developed during the attachment period, pictures you took, stories you wrote, etc.

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