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Electronic commerce or e-business Essay

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Introduction: Electronic commerce or e-business can be defined as the process of buying, selling, serving consumers, collaboration between business partners, transferring information and conducting electronic transaction within organisation via computer network. E-business transactions can be carried out between various parties. The common types of e-commerce tractions are as follows: * Collaborate commerce * Business-to-consumers (B2C) * Consumers to business (C2B) * Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) * Intra business commerce * Government to citizens (G2C) Government

Business Person or consumer Supplier Business Partner Questions You are required to choose a (B2B, B2C, C2B or C2C) business and based on the history of the business in the last ten years answer the following four questions Q. No. 1 Applying at least five analytical tools in strategic management formulate a suitable E-business strategy for the company. Your proposed strategy should be based on your analysis, and supported by evaluation of your proposed approach, indicating its suitability for the organisation, and also its relation to the company’s business strategy

Ans: I want to choose a Business to Customer Business topic for my assignment Business to customer (B2C) business: 1. Introduction: It is also known as e-tailing. In this type of e- business, the sellers are organisations and the Byers are individuals. It deals about various activities of business about products and services to consumers. It applies that selling of products or services to consumers by any organisation or business over their own use internet. E. g Dell, Amazon etc. Q. NO. 3 In relation to the company, evaluate the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for E-business success in current economic downturn.

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ANS: To occupy high rank position in online shopping market it is very important for retailers to work hard and to analyze critical success favtors. Such factors are considered as critical because failure to excel any of them may cause considerable damage to the company. These factors include: * Develop customer’s trust: As the retailers take the responsibility of many business processes so it is very important to have customers trust over their retailers. * Developing personal websites for customers: It is very important to tailored individual customer. As for example: when you open the site of Amazon. om then it first greets personally to each individuals and offering a choice of products based upon personal preferences. * Providing a variety of a product: Customer wants varieties of each product. Therefore, online retailers must exceed to offer varieties of product to develop loyalty to the business. * Reliability and quality of the products: It is very important to provide reliable products with excellent quality too attract customers. * Competitive prices: The internet makes pricing visible to every customers so that customers can easily compares between the prices of same product from different retailers. Suitability of available information: Available information should be used in effective ways and try to make it commercially attractive. * Creating suitable payment procedure: Retailers should give more emphasis in payment method and make it easy and error free. There are also many success factors for the development and sustainability of e-business such as: * Technology infrastructure: It includes suitability of the software with other specific software systems. It should be reliable and able to perform with large numbers of members. * Income Stream:

There have been various business models to explain how e-marketplace makes profit which are related to services in various markets, commission on trades etc. * Transition administration system: Software of e-business is responsible to carryout payments and contracts appropriately and helps to manage membership services. * Participants: It is generally assumed that, it is better to motivate existing suppliers and customers rather than to involve new participants. Moreover, the existence of any e-business is entirely depends upon its number of members.

So that it is considered as major issues. * Fulfilment of participant needs: The success or failure of any e-business can be analysed whether or not they become able to satisfy their participants. An e-business that become able to satisfy their participants are considered as successful e-business. * Relationship management: It is very important factor to develop and maintain trust between the participants of the market place. * Security: It is very important to maintain a security in relation to financial transactions and in the confidential information.

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