Regulation of social networking sites

rgumentative Essay Due dates: * First Draft Due: 11/5 * Peer Review Workshop: 11/5 & 11/7 * Final Draft Due: 11/12 Topic: Identify and develop a specific argument based on how social networking affects individuals and their personal relationships. Potential arguments include, but are not limited to, the following: * Should social networking sites be regulated? How and why? * Do social networking sites make bullying easier? How so, and what should be done to prevent it? Do social networking sites have an impact on the way we use language? Is this a good or bad thing? How and why? ***Please note that papers written significantly off-topic will receive a failing grade.

*** Paper Specifications: First, you should identify a specific and manageable argument that you can develop meaningfully in 4-5 pages. Second, you should respond to the argument topic you choose with a clear stance supported by reasons and evidence. Third, you should recognize and respond to potential objections to your stance.

Finally, you must use at least four sources, and you must use MLA citation format for in-text references and a Works Cited page.

I will provide you with sources to choose from, so no outside research is needed. You’re writing for the general public, but you’re also writing for an academic audience, both of whom are familiar with social networking in this day and age. You’ll need to show that you’re informed. Your paper should be at least 1200 words. Suggested length: 1200-1500.

The argumentative essay is worth 15% of your grade. Resources: 1) We’ll rely on the Handbook for the basics of argument and for advice on citation; 2) We’ll read several sample arguments and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments; 3) I’ll provide plenty of hands-on advice and instruction as you work to incorporate sources in your paper; 4) As is true of all writing you do at VSU, you’ll find that tutors at the Student Success Center in Langdale Hall provide wonderful help at all stages of the writing process.

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I strongly recommend that you schedule at least one appointment with a tutor; 5) I’m happy to work with you as you compose and revise your draft; come visit me during my office hours, or make an appointment if you can’t come then. Tips: ) Identifying a specific and arguable topic will be essential to success in this paper; 2) You will need to craft a clear thesis that states your position and indicates its underlying reasons; 3) Make sure your sequencing of events is clear to the reader, and use transitional cues so that the reader can understand when and where each moment of the paper is located; 4) The story should use sensory details so that readers can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste what’s happening; 5) The paper should use active, strong verbs (rather than relying on a string of be verbs) and provide a variety of sentence constructions and sentence lengths. **Papers that contain any plagiarized material will receive F’s. Late papers will receive grade penalties as noted in my syllabus. ***

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