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Aramco Supply Chain Management Essay

A Users Conference ID#: 2965 Improving Supply Chain Management through Real-Time Operations Monitoring Track: MES Topic: Enterprise Integration Presenter: Ramadan Fan Company: Saudi Aramco © Copyright 2008, Saudi Aramco. All rights reserved. Agenda Saudi Aramco Overview Saudi Aramco Distribution Operations Supply Chain Management Challenges SIMATIC IT XHQ Implementation Enterprise Monitoring Solution Key Benefits & Next Steps Page 2

Saudi Aramco Overview – Global Offices Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Vela Marine Intl. , Ltd. Intl. , Ltd. Saudi Petroleum Intl. , Inc. Intl. , Aramco Overseas Company, AOC (BV) Company, Saudi Petroleum Ltd. Ltd. Aramco Services Company Saudi Aramco Headquarters Page 3 Saudi Aramco Overview – Upstream & Downstream Gas Sales Grid Upstream Gas Plants Downstream Gas Plants OIL & GAS Wells GOSPs Bulk Plants Refineries Crude Treatment & Stabilizers Page 4 Crude Terminals

Saudi Aramco Distribution Operations Responsible for domestic fuel distribution through its Bulk Plants and Air Fueling Operations Meet the Kingdom’s growing fuel demand in the most safe, reliable, and environment friendly manner Enhance customer satisfaction through world class services Page 5 Supply Chain Management Challenges Managing remote facilities scattered across the country Tracking product transfer via trucks, pipeline and marine Accessing different operation and business systems Generating operation reports in a timely manner Coordination between sending and receiving plants Responding quickly to customer complaints

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Page 6 SIMATIC IT XHQ Implementation Corporate strategy to standardize on a single Enterprise Monitoring Solution (EMS) Easy direct access to key operational data Common view of aggregated information Integrate real-time process data with business data Improve performance monitoring through KPI measures Replicate best practices across the enterprise Page 7 Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Distribution Operations SAP System HR LP Finance BW Non-SAP Applications LIMS SAIF

Oracle Servers OSI PI Servers PQAS TIIS HCM PM OCRCS Terminal Management Systems Field Automation & Lab Systems Siemens Honeywell Tank Gauging Test Instruments Page 8 Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Distribution Operations Site-Specific Dashboards Product Inventory Sales and Transfer Orders Truck Loading/Unloading Pipeline Shipping Quality Assurance Operations Compliance Data Source SAP-HCM, PI SAP-HCM TMS (Siemens/Honeywell) OSI PI PQAS * OCRCS * In-house developed application based on Oracle Page 9 Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Distribution Operations Common Dashboards Management Dashboard Maintenance Dashboard Equipment Dashboard Inspections Dashboard T&I Dashboard Safety Dashboard Quality Dashboard Data Source SAP-HR, PM, Finance SAP-PM SAP-PM SAIF * TIIS * SAP-LP LIMS, PQAS * * In-house developed applications based on Oracle Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20

Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Key Benefits Empowered plants to make quick and informed decisions Enhanced Saudi Aramco customers relationship Graphically related daily operation to production targets Data transparency and sharing among plants Focus on problem areas with data views and drilldowns Page 21 Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Next Steps Visualization of full supply chain Dashboards for high management level Integration with SAP Portal Integration with GIS system Integration with planning and scheduling tools Page 22 Enterprise Monitoring Solution – Distribution Project Team Siemens Ahsan Yousufzai, Manager Ayman Al-Mutawa, Tech.

Lead Zulfiqar Naushad, Consultant Ahmed Al-Sahaff, Team Lead Zubair Hassan, Team Lead Maher Al-Khaldi, Developer Asif Iqbal, Developer Faruk Bansir, Developer Saudi Aramco Ahmed Marzooq, IT Mohammed Shabeeb, IT Faris Omar, IT Ziyad Saleh, IT Ali Sallout , Distribution Ramadan Fan, Distribution Mohammed Hazmi, Distribution Murtaza Hussein, Distribution Khalid Khelaiwi, Distribution Khalid Zaid, Distribution Page 23 Closing Remarks “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” “Provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time” Page 24 Thank you For more information, please contact: ramadan. [email protected] com Page 25

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