Anatomy of Grey Play Review

I went and saw Anatomy of Gray at Orange Community Play House in Orange, Texas. I went on a a Thursday night and it was performed by the Orange Community Players. The play was ultimately about a town who does not have a doctor. A young woman prays and wishes for a doctor to come to the town because the community was starting to get sick. When the doctor arrives and begins to help everyone but falls in love with the young ladys mother.

Everyone in the community starts to get sick and is begining to die.

The mother makes the daughter and the doctor leave the town which is the only way to stay alive.

The actors in the play were extremely believable. They accomplished this by nailing all of their lines and moevmentsin the performance. The most successful actress was the young women who fell in love with the doctor and eventually moved from the small town to stay alive. The old lady sang really good, I really enjoyed her part in the performance. The actors were listening to each other and were in perfect sync. The director did a great job with the entire show.

All the elements in the show went perfectly with the actors, the sets, and the lighting. The whole stage was used and the performers moved around throughout the entire stage. The pace of the production seemed to be right. I thought it might have dragged out a little but picked up in the secound act.

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The type of theatre that was used was a picture fame stage. The stage was fairly small but perfect for the production that was being put on. It was a simple theatre with a older look to it. The stage sat directly in front of the audience seating.

The play space was also a little small but worked out great for the performance. The production was perfect the way it was setup. The scenery was pretty clever throughout the performance. There was a stack of hay which made me think that it was back in the olden days when they rode horses and medicine did not really exist. It looked real like i was in this old town. It effected the production by allowing the perforers to easily move around and provided enough information for the viewer to understand what was going on. he scenery made me visualise me being with the performers on the stage. The costumes were a little dull but i guess thats how people dressed back in those days. the information that the costumes portrayed helped me understand the performance to the fullest. The costumes really brought out the characters personality and social status. My favorite costume was when the man was in that diaper or the under ware it was quite funny. I thought the lighting was constructed alright and changed on time and really influenced the scene it was trying to portray.

Although, I was not very impressed because it seemed like typical lighting you would find in any play. Nothing really stood out or grabbed my attention as much as I feel it should have. I did although enjoy the thunder and lightning and when the man came out with the under ware on. I don’t feel as if it influenced the play as much as it could have. But I still think it was a good job. The goals portrayed by the characters was affectionate, hatred, and love. I felt they all did a good job at what they were suppose to do. Even though i thought that some of the performance was pretty funny.

The best character was the older lady she had a dry sense of humor which i absolutely loved. I just felt because the play itself was rather boring, I found it hard to follow and to figure out what was actually going on. I thought the play was good but not great. I found it boring and hard to follow. The characters were good at their job and so was the director. I just thought the plot was slow and hard to follow. It was entertaining in some aspects, it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have a favorite scene or part of the performance. But as for everyone involved i thought they did a really good job.

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Anatomy of Grey Play Review
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